Monday, September 23, 2013

Changes Underway

     Changes here are underway!  Excitement is an understatement!  For the first time in our life, we are now on our own~owning our own land & only operating our own businesses!  The time has come!  Our dreams have only just begun...12 years into our marriage & with 5 kids in tow!  lol  After MUCH prayer & many years of indecision, we have reached our limit with trying to "find our own way."  We have let go of the reigns & begged God for direction.
      First, He called Nathan to pastor.  That was definitely out of our plans & away from our comfort zone, yet has proved to be one of the greatest blessings in our lives!  After almost 2 years of being there, we still felt like there was more..more missing pieces & way too many unhappy circumstances that we were merely surviving through.  We began searching God's word & asking again for His leadership.  We have studied out debt & have been amazed at what God has opened our eyes to. 
     Second, we decided to begin our journey to being debt free.  That meant giving up plans to build (at least for now).  We have made several other steps in that direction, & God has richly blessed us for following Him!  This past watermelon season was a great success.  Yet after praying & fasting, Nathan felt led of the Lord to let go of the family LLC.  This made for a time of uncertainty for us.   This meant giving up a paycheck we depended on.  Farming was his life as far back as he can remember.  I have also really enjoyed learning & applying it to gardening.  It has been something we have both enjoyed together & as a family.  In just a few short weeks though, we have seen God's hand at work again in our lives!    
     Breaking the news that we would no longer be involved in the family's farm seemed so HUGE!  We didn't want to hurt anyone...especially at the expense of our own income.  Yet again, it has been a blessing to all involved!  With the money from this years watermelons & the extra from the LLC buyout, we will be completely out of debt & have extra $!!!  This is where the "dreams coming true beings!"  Plus, the two families remaining as part of the LLC will now be able to make more just splitting profits in half now.  I'm amazed!  God takes BIG situations & works them for our good!  JUST TRUST HIM!
     Now, we have purchased 4.94 acres from the farm.  This is the land we have always wanted!  It is a beautiful small pecan orchard with main highway frontage~no more dirt roads, no more living on land that is not our own!!!  Our dreams beginning today...
A new 48 x 40 shop!!!
     Our new plans~that his business will continue to increase with a better location & also opening an indoor vegetable & flower stand this coming spring!  This new shop will have 2 different sides to accommodate both businesses with a playroom/schoolroom in between for the kiddos.  We are TONS excited!  Progress is underway today!  We now have power & soon concrete!  After this project is completed, we will move our existing home here for now.  Yes, we could drain every penny & borrow more to build our dream home, but God has changed our hearts.  We couldn't be happier!  Yes, there has been opposition hurled our way.  Even just yesterday we were told, "We think y'all are making a bad decision" by some well meaning people.  This is our life, & we have finally come to terms that it's almost impossible to please people.  If we flop, we will flop together as a family.  We will dust one another off, believing God must have something better in store.  He hasn't let us down yet! 
     I have several more happenings to blog about soon~more birthdays, some wonderful books I have read!  We have weeded out some less important things in our lives to allow for the next few busy building & moving days ahead!  I'll try to make time for sharing all of it with you!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Princess Raegan Turns 4

Sisters are the best!!!
     Everyone that knows Raegan knows she has the biggest imagination!  She loves dress up, pretend, & singing!  She loves to preform at church and anywhere else if given the chance.  She'll make up a song and sing in a minute that makes you cry to tears.  She has a big heart and very loving.  Birthdays are her favorite.  We celebrated her big day with close family & friends.  Yes, she picked out her own dress!  Thanks Meme for the party!  You are the BEST!  Thanks EE for the beautiful cake!