Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When Desire Becomes Determination

     My last post was on character...this follows with determination.  Most people desire to possess great character, but one must turn that desire into determination to make it happen!  I included a quote from Abraham Lincoln because may I remind us that it matters not what people think, only what we truly are!  I am reminded of the old gospel song, "I am determined to hold out 'til the end!"  So where am I going with this?
     As the New Year has rolled right by, I wonder about all the resolutions that are made (& mostly broken).  I usually don't do resolutions, but I often do have those moments where I see something lacking in myself & decide that I MUST make a change!
     If you read here much you know there have been many changes made for our family recently-stepping out on faith & following our dream of buying land, building our own business, & moving.  Years of prayer went into this vision.  Even with God's guidance, only we could take the leap!  Now it's "sink or swim."  So far, things have been awesome!  We are basking in the JOY of following God's plan for our family.  We have purged those things that were burdening our schedule & been blessed with more time for what really matters in our life.  The memories we have made here already are priceless!  I am certain there is more in store...
     That said, I have decided that it's time to act on being a healthier family instead of just pushing that thought to the back of brain & filing it in the "someday when I have spare time" folder.  By the way, that entire folder is now being shredded.  Its existence is most definitely useless unless you plan to actually take action.  I enjoy taking time for my family & myself.  We need to take care of our bodies better too.  Out the window has went the excuse of time, money, & the fact that none of us are obese.  Those are just excuses...ditches that keep us off course.  After all, God expects us to take care of our temple (body) just like any other commandment.  It's no suggestion.  Our bodies are the temple for God's spirit to dwell.  He's not going to dwell in an unclean temple.  That's just a basic Bible principle.  No, we shouldn't try to obtain unrealistic "perfection," but we are called to make an effort to take care of our one body that has been entrusted to us.
     For about a month, I have made an effort to loose weight, eat healthier, & exercise.  Never having made an effort to loose weight before, I decided to join Weight Watchers online.  I liked the idea of having the plan figured out for me so all I'm required to do is implement it.  I just track what I eat & have learned to make better choices.  Both the website & mobile app make that a breeze!  Eating out isn't even tricky.  They have awarded point values in foods for every restaurant imaginable.  I am amazed at what I thought was a healthier choice verses what really is.  Nothing is "off limits."  The plan simply encourages healthier eating habits & exercise too, so all 3 of these goals were a bang for my buck.  I did incorporate buying organic milk & produce as a start(yes, Aunt Teresa, I can hear you cheering!).  This didn't cost any extra because of limiting the amount I spent on junk.  Exercising has been my biggest challenge.  I always carry the excuse of having too much to do as my crutch.  The real truth is, I just flat don't enjoy it!  I have tried to learn to enjoy exercising as a time for myself or time as a family.  The vision of being skinny certainly doesn't hurt either!  lol  I am learning self control.  Yes, it's hard.  I'm just being real when I say that eating food high in fat & calories delivers an instant gratification but most often leave us with literal baggage & fleeting happiness.  Kinda sounds like sin, huh?           
     One month in & admittedly, this is no longer fun!  The hoopla has indeed faded.  I LOVE eating rich, indulgent foods. They taste so wonderful! But...I am NOT a quitter! I do not want to be defeated!  I want to be that 10% that losses down to target weight & that 5% that keeps it off!  With 5 pounds down & 2.5 inches off on my WW chart, I have 15 more pounds to go!  Yes, it's been slow too.  I like immediate results, so this too is trying my patience.  Hopefully all of this practice in self control & patience will result in a greater character for His kingdom.  I am looking for desire & determination to turn into VICTORY!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Thoughts I Found on Character

 A quote by Cavett Robert - "Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed."

Substitute "determination" or "commitment" in place of "character," and I think it's still on point. At the end of the day, when motivation fades, all we're left with is "character."  It's about the little decisions you make when no one is watching.
"Character" morphs to "lifestyle" long after the hoopla goes away. And the hoopla ALWAYS goes away. So deal with it!
From Abraham Lincoln - "Character is like a tree, and reputation its shadow. The shadow is what we think it is, and the tree is the real thing."

Thursday, February 6, 2014


     As I noticed our house going through a time of winter blues (fussiness, not sharing, boredom, not willingly helping, etc) between the children, I decided to spice things up to celebrate Valentine's Day for a month!  The thought just popped into my head mid January, so we began our game of "catching kindness!"  Everyone has participated.  All we did was catch someone doing a kind deed & record it on a paper heart.  At night before our family prayer time, we would gather with the hearts.  Everyone had a turn to share what they caught & reward the person with their heart.  Then we hung them all over the dining room to decorate for the coming heart party.  They thought it was fabulous!  I am really proud of myself for not having a tacky breakdown & was just thankful that it changed their hearts!  Never underestimate the power of positive change with painter's tape, paper, scissors, marker, & cheap party to turn our house into a bunch of sweethearts!  PRICELESS!

Listen to love songs, plan something special with that special someone!  :)