Monday, August 29, 2016

Celebrating Raegan Amily's 7th

 & fun at the cabin with family for the weekend!
     Yes, 7!  How in the world did our baby girl grow up?!?  I'm NOT happy about how fast time flies but then I remember she still has accidents because sometimes she's too busy to stop to potty.  As frustrating as that can be sometimes, I'm thankful for that reminder that she's not all grown up yet & still needs her mommy every single day!  What else sparks my mind when thinking of Raegan?  Well, we often call her Fruit Loop.  She doesn't meet strangers.  She's very brave as far as talking to people about what's on her mind.  In fact, you never know what she will say.  For example, last year alone she told her Enrichment school class that her Daddy dances naked at home, her Meme went blind, & that her parents flew to New York City but would be back to pick her up by lunch.  She is happy almost to a crazy fault.  Nothing rattles her.  She has no worries.  She is our ray of sunshine.  The world can feel like it's turned upside down & she will be sure to point out something wonderful right out of the blue.  Compliments are her thing.  She will tell you how she loves your hair on your worst hair day or how beautiful you are when you are still in your worn out pjs.  She spreads joy that is sure to cause you to smile no matter the circumstances.  Raegan is also very tenderhearted.  She will cry instantly at the very hint that she may be in trouble.  About a week or so ago, Raegan began asking about salvation right after our church's Kidz Crusade.  This went on for several days (& nights).  She decided to pray one night at home with us & her siblings gathered around her.  What a lovely answer to our prayers!  She has told most everyone she has come into contact with & already mentioning being baptized.  Raegan just began Kindergarten this year along with her 2 little brothers.  I waited a year longer than normal before beginning so she would be "ready."  This has proved perfect for her.  She has finally shown an interest in learning & excels!  Happy 7th Raegan Amily!  We love living life with you!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Tribute To Our Very Own Ruby Jewel

 Our 1st picture with Granny as a wedded couple 
& our last picture with Granny
(not our last visit but our last picture):
     Granny is exactly what she was to all of us.  1st to Nathan but also to me & our kiddos.  She was definitely one of a kind, a rare Jewel.  I 1st met her in our dating days.  I didn't have to grow to love her.  It came automatically.  She opened her heart right up & made room for me.  Her spirit was genuine.  You never had to question her love.  It was evident in her every single word & deed.
     We were blessed to begin our marriage living directly across the dirt lane from her for over 10 years.  We shared land, well water, gardens, meals, & too many hours worth of conversations to count.  She put up our 1st vegetables & gifted us our 1st table.  She was my cooking expert & who we borrowed from.  Her pantry was always stocked & fully loaded.  Whatever I was out of, she always had plenty to spare & happy to help out too!  Instead of going home, we always took our babies straight from the hospital directly to Granny's!  The pictures we have of her holding our newborns always showed her proud smile, especially holding her namesake child~our Marianna Jewel.  She bought us the only high chair our 5 children ever used here in our home.  They have all grown up running over to her house daily, riding bikes in her driveway, picking flowers to gift her, etc.  It has definitely been our pleasure.  We'll never forget her afternoon visits driving over on her golf cart as we would all be out in the yard & garden.  Seeing her in route was always a special treat.  The best memories are of all of us rocking on her porch or sitting around her kitchen table.  She loved visits & we loved soaking up her wisdom.  In all of our time spent with Granny, I have never once heard her say a cross word about anyone or anything.  Her life truly radiated Jesus' love.  
     Ruby Jewel lived 94 years.  Her mind was still good right up 'til the end.  Our last conversation with her was on Friday night before she went to bed & made her crossing the next morning.  Her life was such a blessing.  Words cannot describe her.  She will forever be missed but never forgotten!  Until forever, we will remember her every time I fry salmon patties (her favorite of my cooking) & Nathan bakes pecan pie (her favorite of his).  In fact, we cooked that for lunch in her honor the very Saturday she passed & spoke of her around our table.
     I'd never lost anyone so close to me as Granny was.  Not only was she our Granny but also our friend.  As sad as it has been, I know in my heart that she is in a better place & am thankful she lived such a long life with us here on earth.  My life is all the better for knowing her.  Living beside her & being so close was one of my greatest life experiences thus far!  I am forever grateful!!!  Heaven is looking sweeter to us now!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Happy Place Travels

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     We LOVE to travel!  Aside from God, it's definitely number 1 on our list!  In fact, we can travel together with God, so what could be more amazing?  Our last travel brought us to the beautiful, quaint St George Island, Florida with my entire family.  We love the small island with white beaches & clear ocean waters.  We enjoy the rental homes with private pools & beach access that isn't busy.  Bringing along a golf cart & bicycles allows us to take daily rides to the local park or ice cream parlor.  The BEST part of it all is just being together without any particular responsibilities.  I love waking up to the view of the sea & read or write or both.  The biggest decision of each day is who is going to the pool & who is going to the beach.  What's not to love???
 My beach read that I cannot say too many great things about:
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Friday, August 12, 2016


     Recently I was blessed to spend a full week on island time reading "The Best Yes" by Lysa Terkeurst.  When I was skimming through it, the deciding factor was the quote on the 1st page I flipped to,
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Wow, that really hit home for me!  I dropped it in my cart & the rest is history.

         To review this book for you would be a great injustice.  I'll tell you what the cover says, "I'm a little overwhelmed & a lot worn out."  Her words soaked into my soul like a sponge.  I found myself pondering them even when they weren't in my hands.  My naturally wired OCD self realizes that she's exactly right when she says, "Saying yes all the time won't make me Wonder Woman.  It will make me a worn-out woman."
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     "What about you?  Don't get so locked in to your overwhelming schedule that you haphazardly spend your soul."  WAKE UP!  "It's time to flip that!"

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