Friday, December 9, 2016


This Thanksgiving we are thankful for our RAEGAN AMILY❤ Friday night around midnight we were all woken up by her hero sister Marianna that something was wrong. In just the next few minutes that transpired, we thought we lost her...more than once...I just cannot type about that. We are thankful for the privilege to call 911 in our rural area, forever indebted to our RN neighbor Michelle that answered on the very 1st ring & showed up in seconds flat to take over the horrifying situation, my parents who drove me & followed the ambulance & haven't missed a second of taking care of us since, EMTs that drove us safely to CRMC, Dr Cowart & nurses who met us at the door, Aunt Marsha for keeping the rest of our panicking clan at home in the middle of the night, Uncle Josh for meeting us at the ER & also bringing prizes & food every single possible moment while we were there, & our Taylor for being not only our personal nurse at the hospital but also ending her nearly 13 hour shifts to relieve her mom, bathe, feed, & babysit. When an emergency happens in small town USA, those that love you show out. The texts of "praying" in the middle of the night meant much more than we can ever express-too many of you to name. Phone calls & loved ones began to pour in. Our Raegan had a serious seizure that lasted over 12 minutes. As of yet, there is no apparent definite reason. All of her tests are fine. She had fallen hard on the concrete & hit the back of her head at the shop way earlier that day but acted perfectly normal afterwards. That may have caused it. We will probably never know. She woke up confused about where she was but then has been her usual self-eating, drinking, laughing, playing, etc. She even loved the & visits were right up her alley. A special thanks also goes to James, Steven, Hobo, Doug, & Austin who took over South GA Taxidermy & Custom Processing. Not just anyone will come gut deer & butcher meat for you for days!!! To Granny Grace who treats our kids as your own, thank you as well. Keeping, feeding, & entertaining them all is no small feat. Ashley sent award winning soup to our home, enough to feed an army. We are forever grateful for how Raegan has bounced back & all of the love & support of friends & family in our time of need. Following the ordeal, my mama & sister helped us heal in Atlanta with 3 days of nothing but FUN with Raegan!!! The memories we share will remain forever ❤ We may have spoiled her incessantly! Please help us pray this NEVER happens again. However, we do have medication on hand to stop it since Ryal's Drug Store filled it on their Sunday afternoon off! Little Raegan now occupies 80% of our king size bed. One day, possibly, our sleep will return. Right now though, we are priviledged to watch her breathe. #thankful ❤❤❤