Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Taught By Our Children's Prayers

     Ever noticed how children pray?  How they have such thankful hearts, they don't ask for much, & never are compelled to "explain" things to God?  Who is teaching who here?  I'm thinking that we can learn alot from our children's prayers!
     I have noticed lately how innocent my children's prayers are.  They amaze me.  They never worry.  They just know God is God & answers as He wills.  They never explain how important it is.  They never beg.  They just simply ask.  I am purposing in my heart to quit "explaining" to God why I need Him to do whatever the need is.  He knows more about the situation than I do.  He's big enough to handle it all without me carrying the load.  He knows what's best, & we should take comfort because He is in control!