Monday, July 30, 2012

Hilton Head Island

     We had a blast at Hilton Head Island!  We ate at great restaurants, loved the Westin Resort, & had fun in the water & sand!  The little ones really enjoyed themselves, too!  :)  Wonderful getaway!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Watermelons & Lemonade

     Watermelon season here is about to end.  The last melons are being harvested & shipped off into semi trucks heading all across the country (sometimes even Canada).  The kids usually want to pick & sell a few times a year.  We always try to do this when things slow down & Nathan has the extra time.  This year we set up a Watermelon & Lemonade stand at my parent's house.  My sister's twin boys helped out.  The kids really enjoyed it.  They also made them some extra cash.  It is a wonderful blessing that they have no clue about being without or the money.  They just enjoy the fun together!

Monday, July 23, 2012

2nd Class? Not For Me!

     Has this ever happened to you?  You were having a perfectly normal, wonderful day until you are catching the brunt of someone's opinion.  I guess some people just feel "led" to let you know that you are not doing things the way they think you should.  Everyone has an opinion, and I respect that.  Guess what?  I have some very strong ones too!  :)  I just usually don't go around pointing them out...
     Anyways, I am well aware of the fact that I am not dumb.  I was at the top of my graduating class.  I earned several scholarships from having the highest SAT test score.  I do realize that I am capable of enrolling into college & finishing a major money making degree.  I choose not to.  I am blessed to be an American & make my own decisions.
     Instead, I choose to stay home with my children (night & day).  I choose to home school.  I choose to teach them with all of my heart to love God.  I choose to be here.  I want this!  I believe the Lord honors & blesses our home for following His ways.  We have never done without.
     Some consider this as living below my God given intelligence, maybe even 2nd class.  Not me!  I consider this an honor.  I don't want anyone else raising my children.  I am thankful for the resources & ability to teach them.  I love being with them!  Motherhood is not a task I take lightly.  I do desire to give it my best!  Thank you Lord for the strength & courage you give me to stand firm & not back up to popular belief.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Calvary Holiness Youth Camp 2012

     This is one of the highlights of every year!!!  Thanks to Uncle ZT & Aunt Sandi, we got to stay again this year on the grounds using their camper.  The kids LOVE the VBS classes, games, choir, skits, playground full of kids, train rides, snow cones, & usually poop out during the evening services.   :)  We love Calvary Holiness Youth Camp!