Monday, July 28, 2014

Farewell Aimwell

    Picture Taken Easter 2014
     We resigned pastoring Aimwell Calvary Holiness Church last night.  We are excited & feel good about it although we are kinda nervous with no real direction.  After all, we did quit farming to pastor.  However, we all know that God knows what is best & works mighty wonders especially when we cannot make any rational sense out of the situation.  We love Aimwell & were really comfortable there.  To clarify any questions maybe I should state that nothing happened that made us want to leave.  God just simply said go.  We struggled with this decision since May/June & God confirmed it during Broxton's camp meeting through Brother John Gabbard.  All we know to do is step out on faith & trust Him.  When God shuts one door, He will open another in His time.  Will we pastor again?  Will we travel & evangelize? Will we stay home to promote our local church?  God only knows.  Many things have flowed through our minds in the past several days.  Please hold our family up in your prayers & also the church during this time of uncertainty.  God will bless us all if we follow Him!  We are not discouraged!  We serve God that is all powerful & has conquered death, hell, & the grave.  NOTHING causes Him to wring his hands.  He is ALWAYS in control.  We want God's will above all else!
     Above is one of my favorite quotes!  Maybe I'll take this time to say he was a great leader for an amazing cause!  He stood for RIGHT in America even though it cost him his life.  At the 1st of this year our family read through the Addy books from the American Girl series to study the history of the United States and also as an introduction to the issue of racism.  I know my children notice that there are different races all across the USA & our world.  I NEVER want them to be so shallow that they form any judgements or opinions on others based on someone's nationality or to be plain the color of a person's skin.  God loves all & will NEVER esteem "white" people above the rest.  That kind of thinking is an embarrassment for the race that I am a part of.  God will never lift up those who esteem themselves but blesses the humble.  I wish I had just a small portion of the courage & effect Martin Luther King, Jr. had on this country.  His legacy lives on!  He made a positive difference in the lives of countless others that has changed history!  With God's hand on our lives & guiding our footsteps, I am encouraged more than ever to follow God's "staircase" even when I can't see but 1 step at a time!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A New Special Connection

     I had an idea I thought I'd share!!!  As many of you know, I LOVE to write!  I like doodling, typing, journaling, to do lists, calendars, counting my blessing, writing in margins of books, & just about anything that allows me to jot down & organize my thoughts.  I gain insight that probably would never occur to me otherwise.  It is an outlet & a huge blessing!  So back to my idea...
     I love writing + I love my kiddos, so why not mesh those two together?  I desire to have a special relationship with my children that continues into their teenage years & extends into adulthood.  I ran across a suggestion that sometimes it is difficult for a child to talk to you face to face about certain things & may feel more comfortable writing you a letter.  Thus, the birth of a new idea~to journal back & forth with my kiddos as they get older!
     My next trip to town included the purchase of a cute set of pens & a snazzy journal with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt about your dreams.  I sat down in a quiet moment & wrote to my oldest Kaley (almost 12).  I wrote what a sweet, beautiful girl she was growing into.  I tried to share my heart & how I want her to be able to ask me anything that she desires my opinion on & share what's on her heart also.  As a conversation starter, I pointed out the quote on the front cover.  I asked her about her dreams & what makes her happy.  I love to see when her smile shows so big & genuine that she has dimples!  I explained that when she had written back to sneak it onto my bedside table, & I would soon return it in a surprising place!  She was so excited!  Our house is full of lots of loud family time, so I plan for this to be a new way to connect with just her.  I want to encourage the quietness of thoughts & journaling in her life.  I want to share this blessing with her.  I know right now she may not have huge questions.  She may not have profound, earthshattering thoughts either.  I do want when those times come for her to know she can always come to me & us develop that kind of bond. 
     I am excited to see what the future will hold for my little ones!  Right now they have so few responsibilities & worries.  Their innocence & immaturity shows so strong.  I love it!  I relish these moments with each one!  They are fascinated with so much that we often take for granted.  I want to experience their view of the world.  I want them to discover their own ideas & beliefs.  I want to ask open ended questions & hear their hearts.  Already we have written back & forth a few times.  I surprised her with my response when she went to make her bed this morning.  I just can't wait to read what she has to say next!  Their lives are full of much opportunity, & I want to be a positive influence & an active role model for each one!