Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just A Few Things I LOVE

Baby Graham's expressions~
He has always been a quiet little fellow
that makes the biggest faces!
He is talking more now than ever
& listening to him is so funny!

Watching Raegan play~
She is so happy & loves to sing & dance!
She is a genuinely happy girl!
She expresses her love about everything-
even says things like, "I love
you to wash those dishes mama!"

Rocking Clay to sleep for naps~
He loves me to sing him nursery rhymes. 
It's the only time he is actually still & quiet. 
He's so happy & peaceful
& just so stinking cute too!

Laying on our bed with our oldest girls,
Kaley & Marianna,
having heart to heart conversations
& us praying with them!
What a way to end a day! 

These are all priceless
& money can't buy these moments!
My heart is overwhelmed
with joy in the blessings
of my little family!

     Sometimes you just have to stop everything 
& count your blessings!
I'm happy to share these with you! :)