Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's A God Thing

     This song has really blessed my heart today.  My girls were at the shop with their Daddy finishing up their school work.  They don't "need" me as much towards the end of the year since it's mainly review before the last tests.  I put both boys down for a nap & had about 3 hours to myself.  I decided to multi-task & got out my laptop.   Quickly, I found a recording I thought I would benefit from by my favorite author on  I started scrubbing down my kitchen~straightened up, washed curtains & windows, & scrubbed down the walls, table, chairs, & cabinets too.  I guess I was lost in her challenging thoughts & in super scrubber mode!  I was able to reflect on some of my goals.  I rejoice in ones that I have recently accomplished (us buying land, paying down debt, building the shop, moving, & starting a new business venture).  It also motivated me to get my current goals more specific.  For example, instead of a vague goal of  "loose weight," I decide to "loose my last 10 pounds by June 10th."  Instead of "finish up school for this year," I set a more specific goal of "finish all our papers & testing by May 9th."  That is right before Mother's Day.  That will give us a few extra weeks to enjoy our spring weather together before the hot south GA summer sets in.  I also set a few more goals for things to accomplish this June & July.  I stopped & wrote them in on my calendar.  Then, after filling my brain with all this new information, I was ready to listen to lyrics.  I LOVE music with powerful words!  I turned on youtube on my laptop.  I enjoy listening to the free music of your choice.   I cried & prayed singing the lyrics.  I finished up just in time to get ready for Wednesday night church service.  Nothing like a good cry to cleanse the soul...feels like God just reaches down & mends your heart in love!  "It's A God Thing" is so true!  God can do miracles!  He specializes in changing the impossible into possible!  My heart is uplifted & encouraged in all my God can do!  That's just who He is!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

One Messy House, But One Happy Mama

"Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox." 
     The morning began with a telephone call.  Mama invited us to go with her shopping in a nearby town.  She wanted us to treat the older girls & let them help pick out some new spring clothes for all of the kids.  I quickly called Nathan.  Of course he is always willing to watch the little ones.  His new shop has a nice playroom.  Soon, off we went!
     It was such a beautiful, fun day!  The girls, or course, had a blast!  They tried on tons of dresses.  I should have taken pictures of Marianna with what she wanted to get.  She is such a little fashion diva...grabbing up anything with sequins & frills.  She would dress in formal wear & high heels everywhere she went if I would allow.  What is offered for such young girls to wear is ridiculously appalling!  We also picked out clothes for the little 3 & enjoyed a deliciously, fun lunch in a Japanese Hibachi restaurant.  Mama blesses us tremendously with making these purchases.  She has always been a great giver.  It's in her heart & shines through in every aspect of her life.
     I return home to sleeping babies & a working husband.  The house is quiet & messy.  Nathan is great with the children & helping around here but hasn't quite conquered both at once!  lol  The girls race off to the see Daddy.  I smile as I look around at the mess, thinking about how this use to annoy me.  Toys scatter the floor in the living room.  It appears 3 little kiddos had a lot of fun with their Daddy.  The dishes from lunch are overflowing the kitchen sink & on the counter.  The table is spotted with dried food, & the high chair looks plum scary.  None of the beds are made, & apparently all of the children threw their PJs in the floor this morning in the rush of excitement to get ready.  Other things are just randomly placed around.  I am reminded of the scripture from Proverbs 4:14  I turn on a CD I really like.  The music is uplifting.  I bring in the shopping bags to add to the disorder.  I begin to pick up, taking advantage of the naps in progress.  I find the floor to sweep the kitchen.
     As I clean around the house, I reflect on the scriptures.  I think of the gift of my children & what an overflowing blessing each of them are.  I think about how most of our society today wouldn't want 5 & the chaos that comes with the territory.  I smile knowing what a joy they are.  I think of the thousands of women who have chosen not to have children & went to work today in a high ranking, corporate American job.  I wonder if they are proud of themselves & their accomplishments.  They look so prestigious in their suits & heels & confident driving their commute in a luxurious, fancy car.  I wonder if they too smile as they return home to an orderly, spotless house that is decorated with the finest of furnishings.  I wonder if they work out at a big name gym & meet friends later on for a spectacular restaurant meal.  I can't help but wonder if they are happy or desperately lonely in the quiet when they turn in at night.  They never hear little feet sneaking into their room.  Their beds are empty beside them.  They wake up to the same life.  They run that same course most everyday.  No one has a boo-boo to kiss or a handful of weeds to share with a smile each day.  They hear no little laughter that is attached to their heart & soul. 
     Yes, my house is sometimes messy, but it's a happy mess!  I never know what to expect as I begin each day.  It takes prayer & great effort to school & feed this crew.  The laundry is usually piled high from the 7 of us.  Yes, I wipe noses & butts here daily that are not even my own.  I am constantly organizing.  On occasion, I pull night shift to nurse others.  I am certainly never lonely nor bored.  My heart is bubbling over as I finish straightening up our home.  I put some cookies in the oven.  I take them to the shop for Nathan & the kids.  They are hot & delicious!  We enjoy them together, & I find out he has a surprise for me!

     As you can see, Nathan finished my plant arbor!  He has been working so hard on this project.  He waded through water to cut down the right cypress trees.  I helped him set the tree posts & frame it out last weekend.  I can't hardly contain my excitement as I envision a flowering yellow vine growing up the poles & across the limbs in the years to come.  Soon I can fill it full of beautiful spring hanging baskets!  This is just a sneak peek at some of our progress for our shop.  You can see the garden rows laid out beside it.  The vegetable plants are already growing!  I can hardly wait!