Monday, June 30, 2014

Our Fabulous June

     My June began with a bang!  After being a member of Weight Watchers online for 5 months, I reached my weight loss goal of losing 20 pounds!  I am so excited about that!  That came just in time for...
Calvary Holiness Youth Camp 2014
     Calvary Holiness Youth Camp is a highlight of our every summer!  The kids make a countdown calendar the week before.  They also help me shop & pack.  It's tons of fun for them to stay at our local campground with hundreds of kids that they know from all across south GA.  It's a week packed with VBS, art, games, talent, choir, train rides, skits, snow cones, & other activities.  Nathan was honored to be the night speaker this year.  It was such a blessing to see the altars fill up each night with children seeking the Lord & praying one for another.  The presence of God was amazing!  We had a BLAST! 
St George Island, FL
      My parents blessed us the very next week with a beach vacation to St George Island, FL!  My sister's family, my family, & my parents all went together.  They rented us a beach house with a pool.  There was tons of swimming, sunning, building sand castles, & relaxing.  Mid week we all drove over to Wakulla Springs for a boat ride & even more swimming.  The best part was being & eating the fresh, local seafood from the island!  My parents are both famous cooks in our eyes.  The crab boil topped my list!  Daddy is a great griller too so steaks, hamburgers & hot dogs were also a must!  Swimming with family, smelling the grill, enjoying great food together, & all for free!  What a blessing June has been for us!!!  :)
Looking forward to celebrating this week too! 
Happy 4th to all!