Friday, January 31, 2014

Tidbit about TIME

      Funny how time has been in my life even before I gave it any thought yet now my heart is touched by the urgency of its passing.  I shared what has been on my heart about time, & that very same night I read the next passage from my "private library collection" (AKA the bathroom book nook lol)!  The excerpt read as follows (adding blanks were names were mentioned for us to reflect on our own families):

          "...I needed to start "numbering my days" by slowing down, seizing the day, and focusing on the few things that mattered in life...Primarily, God began to show me He would rather have me spend time with Him than do a bunch of things for Him.  And likewise, He was showing me that as a mom it was more important for me to be with _____ than do a bunch of things that were indirectly for him/her/them.  God was impressing upon my heart that life was about relationship-with Him and with those whom I love.  And I was missing it."

     I hope none of us find ourselves there.  But in case we do, let's wake up by the grace of God & spend time with our kiddos while they still want us around.  So playing kitchen seems juvenile & silly for us?  Unimportant too?  Well, one day they won't want to play anymore, & we may just regret that we didn't while we could.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


     Regardless of a person's color or race, where we are born, or how an individual is raised, each person is blessed by God with the gift of time.  It holds such a steady rhythm.  Each seconds ticks away ever so fleeting into minutes.  Minutes roll into hours, & hours turn into days.  Days leap by year after year.  You never can stop it.  You never can go back...only herded forward into each moment.  Some hold a blessing of a miracle.  Some seem better off forgotten.  We don't own it.  We don't even know how much we have or when our clock is ticking down to stop.  All we can do is savor those special gifts as they pass us by, thankful to our creator that He blessed us.
    The one thing we can control once we grow older is how we spend our gift of time.  That can be the struggle.  I know some things seem so necessary-laundry, eating/drinking, working, education...the list goes on, but there should be the urgency to prioritize those precious passing pieces of our time for they will never revisit us again.  I think of my children.  They don't ask us to work harder so they can travel to an exotic land or buy another fad item.  They don't expect the house to be a domestic masterpiece.  They just want us to share that one precious gift-time.  My heart is saddened even today as I witness people shrugging their children off to "get something else done."  For what?  Some imaginary reward?  For sadly they are the loser...loosing the ones they are working so hard for...loosing the hearts of their children.  That is the only thing in this world we can take with us.  I do desire to have a good report with my children & see them all in heaven to be together with Jesus.
    I want to hear Him say "Well done thou good & faithful servant.  Enter into the kingdom of rest!"  I want to take care of the ones He entrusts in our home.  I don't desire my name in lights.  I don't even care what others think.  Some people act as if their opinion matters when actually all opinions mean nothing but the dust blowing in the winds of life.  I do want to be found rendering my gift of time to His approval.  My children are my charge.  I desire to share life giving words with them.  My heart's desire is to really listen to them & be of help in some way.  If time tarries on, one day our grown children will have to make decisions of where to store or most likely trash our old diplomas.  Surely our clothes & majority of the possessions we worked so hard for will be disposed of too.  Yet our time with them will never be forgotten, rather for the good or the bad.  We will both cherish that time spent together in God's word & living in His service.  May none of us forget to spend our blessing of time wisely!  We are blessed with a new beginning of time in this year of 2014, & may we live in each moment for His glory!  

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy 2014

     O so many things have been happening here!  We've finished our shop, had our grand opening, moved our home, celebrated Christmas, & enjoyed company!  The last of 2013 was really busy & our main focus was just getting things done.  We are looking forward to what this new year will bring & although there are still a few projects to finish around the house, we have been slowing down the pace to enjoy this new journey. 
     Our grand opening was a huge success!  We had around 300 people show up!  Family & friends all pitched in to help.  We couldn't have done it all without them!  We served a smoked deer sausage lunch & gave away many prizes.  The kids had a big slide to play on.  It was a lot of fun & very exciting!   Business since has just been rolling in!  To God be the glory!
     Living here has been wonderful!  We love the peace & quiet of country life yet being located right on the main highway not too far from town for our business.  The kids love the room to roam around outside in the pecan orchard.  Our yard size is no comparison!  We have already built a big fire & roasted hot dogs & marshmallows one night.  It's so nice to own our own have our own business to walk to.  It has been such a dream of ours for so long!
     While Nathan & I had slipped off for time to ourselves recently, I bought several new books to read during our transition time & once we were settled.  One I just finished & LOVED was "Why Am I So Busy?" by Valorie Burton.  At first, I started to not even bother to get it thinking, duh have a family with 5 kids, home school, just finished building, in the process of moving right before the biggest holiday of the year, y'all pastor a church, & running a business...that's why you are so since in reading that book to add something else to your schedule!  Well I believe it was God's perfect timing.  As 2014 rolls around & things become normal again for us, what better time to slow down & prioritize?  This book was such an encouragement!  I have given a lot of prayer & reflection on my vision for our family & our schedule.  I have remembered all of those things I would love to do but aren't.  It has challenged me to ask myself why?  Just when are you going to get around to that?  My to do list isn't ever going to get done.  The kids will be grown all too soon!  I've thrown some things right out the window & haven't even missed them!  In turn, I've began enjoying things that are important to us-like building that campfire, playing games at night with the kids such as hiding go seek with flashlights inside, singing silly songs with motions, & making more time for Bible stories & prayer all together as a family.  I can already tell a difference in the attitudes around here & the joy that is present is immeasurable!  Last night we played Guesstures.  Even Raegan & Clay can act out things pretty well.  It was lots of fun & lots of laughs.  The kids have been going to bed much more happily & smiling brighter all the way.  It brings joy to this mother's heart for bedtime not to be so rushed & praying because "we should."  Instead of me feeling tired & barking the same orders over & over for them to "get baths, get your PJs on, brush your teeth, pick up your toys," I say, "Let's get ready for bed early so we can do something fun!"  It's amazing how much that encourages them to not drag that out.  They want so much of our attention & love.  They can never get enough.  This book has really opened up my eyes to many other areas of our life.  If we want date nights, we should do it!  Sometimes the money is tight, but maintaining (& enjoying) our relationship is the most vital part of this family.  So far we've gone out once with friends & even spent one night off to ourselves!  Fun, fun & very thankful we did! 
     So what's in store for you this year of 2014?  It won't ever happen upon us again so be inspired & do something you've always wanted to do!  At least consider your priorities & how in line they are with what you believe.  Think about how happy you are or how happy you could be.  Make a difference by doing something special for someone else.  Even be encouraged to do something for yourself & take care of you!  Happy 2014!