Friday, January 22, 2016

Carry on Warrior

If you blog or have ANY kind of ministry, this post is FOR YOU, but don't go any further until you read this link:

Three Rules for Surviving a Creative Life

I am posting this to all of my blogging & ministry friends.  I couldn't have written it better myself.  We all understand how a thought emerges & grows until shared.  Momastery couldn't have put it better with her quirky poster that's so her.  "Haters gonna hate.  Creators gonna create."  We are not lawyers.  It's God's work.  He can handle it.  Smile & be happy.  Go on living.  That kills haters.  Not responding to their negativity leaves them dumbfounded.  I found this other funny posters that fit to a "T":
Image result for haters gonna hate creators gonna createImage result for haters gonna hate creators gonna create
     The funny part is that it's hilariously true.  My personal blog has currently 27,035 reads as I type this.  That changes quickly.  When I started it in 2012 as nudged by the Lord, I had only a few reading each post.  Now with each post, hundreds read it in a few short days or even minutes.  It's nothing to peek to see that nearly 500 people from all over the world indulged themselves.  I am just an ordinary stay at home mom & wife of a minister from a small southern town.  Here everybody knows everybody & even your business when you don't know your own.  ;)  I have a circle of family & friends who probably read it on the occasion & keep up with the happenings of our family of 7 since we don't have much time for any other social media.  Mostly I use my blog's other functions as a way to keep in touch with my favorite blogs & authors.  I do enjoy pouring myself into a good read that challenges me in every way possible.
     As any of you in ministry know, haters are a part of your ministry.  It's just amazing how God uses that as a stepping stone to reach out further.  I never really thought of that until I read Momastery's most recent post.  She responds so perfectly to a question from a disheartened Christian blogger who has been stomped on by haters.  I am reminded of how Jesus' work was also criticized by the "religious" pharisees.  Should I even begin to describe them???  Our road isn't going to be any easier.  Don't let those kind of people put a damper on your fire for God.  He grows a thought inside of you to give away, to share or bless someone else.  I am not writing to please anyone other than God.  No one can stop God's work.  Continue on.  His work is ALWAYS a good work.  Oh, & don't forget to REST good soldier.  He's got this!