Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Clay!

     Our little boy has now turned 1!  What better way to celebrate than with a farm party? 

     EE really outdid herself making the cakes!  She made a triple chocolate barn cake, 2 regular birthday cakes (it was cousin Sydney's 2nd birthday too), farm animal cupcakes, caramel cake pops, & strawberry "E,I,E,I,O" cupcakes!  It was all so delicious that we ate every bit of it by the next day!!!

Clay loves to eat-especially cake!  :)
     & of course Meme thought we had to have the biggest slide ever!  It was a wonderful 1st birthday filled with fun, crafts, sliding, eating, fishing, & playing!!!  The kids & Clay had a blast!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Marianna!

     Anyone that knows Marianna, knows she LOVES dolphins!  Her heart's desire is to swim with them one day!  There are 3 places not too far from here that offer that for older children.  Maybe her dream will soon come true!  She also wants to visit Winter in Clearwater, FL.  As for now, she says she had the BEST birthday ever!  She spent the night with Meme 2 nights in a row.  They went out to eat, shopped, & played!  She picked out her own bicycle, clothes, shoes, party decorations, & of course several toys, too!  Meme also surprised us all by renting a slide for the grand kids to play on together.  They had the best time!  We ordered her a dolphin cake, let Kaley pick a gift out from the kids, & from us would follow a trip to the Atlanta Aquarium.
       Excited was an understatement!!!  We spent the day there seeing all sorts of ocean species.  They really enjoyed the hands on stations where they got to touch many different types of sea life & kid's park with slides & tunnels!
     Of course the highlight of the trip was the new dolphin show!  It was wonderful!  We've been to Sea World several times, & this was maybe even better than their dolphin show!  It lasted about an hour & the dolphins did all sorts of tricks!

     We stayed within walking distance at the Hilton right downtown.  Thanks Priceline excepting our bid for the $55 stay!
      While there we also took the girls to the Toys R Us in Buckhead.  It amazes them at how large it is.  They all had some spending money.  We also ate at several of our favorite restaurants including Fire of Brazil, The Cheesecake Factory, & Buckhead Diner.  On the way home we shopped at Bass Pro & Tanger Outlets.  It was a blast!  Thanks to all who gave her birthday money to help out with the trip!  
Glad you had a special birthday! 
We love you!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


     We are SO encouraged and SO BLESSED!

Picking out & planting flowers today!
Planning & planting our garden today!
Loving our new church!
Had a wonderful revival!
Excited about another baby!
Celebrating Marianna's birthday with a trip to Atlanta!
Clay's first birthday next weekend!
Had fun with friends yesterday!
Nathan will be off for the next several days!
Tomorrow is Sunday!

     What more could we ask for?  Who really cares if the laundry isn't finished?  So what if the house needs some TLC?  We are blessed beyond measure!  We are enjoying life.  The kids and I spent quality time together this morning.  We woke up late and laid around in my bed talking.  Now we are going to town to eat lunch & pick out plants with Meme.  God is so good to us!  :) 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Number 5!

     New things have surely been happening this year!  Child #5 is well on its way!  We've known that since January.  God has a plan for our lives and our family.  The song The Simpson Family sings comes to mind, "...Well hold on to the promise for God's word is true.  Jesus said written in red He will always see you through!  Just tie a knot at the end of the rope & never, ever let go.  God will always see you through.  And never give up on your dreams, no matter how bad it seems.  He knows just when to move.  God will always see you through!  Are the clouds of doubt surrounding you, whispering defeat?  Does the mounatin your climbing seem so steep?  But when your world stops spinning, there's hope to hold onto to!  Against the odds, trust in God.  He will always see you through!"  We are excited (and a little overwhelmed).  We know God is in control.  He never lets us down!  He knows best!  :)