Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Latest News Flash On Us

     Sorry to my readers!  I've been so busy with my own family & my husband's new business that I haven't taken the time to blog lately.  So much has happened & so much is going on...where do I begin?  Over 10 years ago, Nathan was unhappy with his job for various reasons so one day I casually asked him if you can have any job in the world, what would you want to do?  His response was almost immediate.  For the first time ever, he mentioned his dream of doing Taxidermy work.  I was shocked that he had such a quick answer for me.  We dated for what seemed like forever, had celebrated a few anniversaries as newly weds, & already had a toddler.  Why hasn't he talked about this before?  You just have to know Nathan, quiet & a go with the flow kinda guy.  That's the conversation where it all began.
     Before long, I was searching online & making many telephone calls.  Who would've thought that the Telfair County 2001 Salutatorian & Star Student would have called her old high school counselor to find out how to become a Taxidermist?  Lol  I did!  He was the one who guided our decisions & encouraged us to follow the dream.  We researched & researched schools that taught the trade a long ways from home only to conclude that we should order the VHS instruction tapes.  I don't think they even make VHS tapes anymore, but I can't tell you how many hours we watched them together.  For Nathan's birthday, he asked for supplies.  We also invested $3,000 in a storage type building.  He was ready to get to work!  I had never seen him so excited!
      That is where it all began.  The outside of the building matching our home, but the inside was a totally different story.  There was always blood on the linoleum floor, no running water, old rusty freezers in every corner, & a tiny work area in the middle of the floor that we never could keep very organized mainly due to lack of space.  None of that mattered to us though.  He was doing what he loved.  He sported a new smile.  Ten years flew by like it has a tendency to do.  All 5 of our children ran & played in the yard while he learned the trade.  We began to pastor in 2012.  His business was completely outgrowing the tiny building.  Juggling the farm, church, & his shop soon became completely impossible.  Of course, he chose what he loved-doing the Lord's work 1st & then his Taxidermy shop.  Many don't understand or agree with those decisions, & that is ok.  It was his decision to make, & we wouldn't change it for the world!!!
     In 2013, we purchased a 5 acre pecan orchard on the main highway.  May I insert here that we have the most AMAZING friends that love us!  As soon as the foundation was completed, they started showing up from out of state along with Justin Sage from Big J's Construction...
& in just a matter of about 10 days, South GA Taxidermy as you see it here was completed. 
     The grand opening was a success.  Some may have thought the dream was finished but it had only just began.  Years of planning went into this reality.  There would be more to come...& this year Custom Processing was added on.  Now he literally has his original dream come true-a one stop shop, a hunter's dream!  We have even began to carry hunting products!
     Yes, his work load has probably tripled or more, but the whole work day is full of smiles & fun!  We now have employees.  They even talk about it being their favorite job they've ever had & how "Nathan is just so happy!"  Seeing the hunters come in with their trophies & hearing their stories never gets old.  We never realized our little county produced so many great bucks!  Nathan still gets to hunt Mondays-Fridays, but Saturdays are crazy busy here.  We wake early to cook breakfast for our customers & begin our day.  The business he has built for himself is truly amazing!  Of course our Sundays are still spent at church.  We no longer pastor but evangelize & attend a local church when we don't have a scheduled place to preach.  This year more doors have been opened for us to minister than ever before.  It's such a blessing to see lives changing for the better.  God has really blessed us to see miracles in our own lives & also through others.  God has been too good to us!  The zeal Nathan has for God, our family, & working hard at what he loves is a marvel to witness.  He has worked out Nathan's dreams & also given him new yes, with the good Lord willing, soon there will still be even MORE TO COME!  Maybe I should wonder if he has become obsessed with saving $ for all of his new building projects!  ;)  Since I have spared you all from seeing the taxidermy & processing pictures, look up South GA Taxidermy & Custom Processing's public Facebook page if you would like to see more!