Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Watermelons & Lemonade

     Watermelon season here is about to end.  The last melons are being harvested & shipped off into semi trucks heading all across the country (sometimes even Canada).  The kids usually want to pick & sell a few times a year.  We always try to do this when things slow down & Nathan has the extra time.  This year we set up a Watermelon & Lemonade stand at my parent's house.  My sister's twin boys helped out.  The kids really enjoyed it.  They also made them some extra cash.  It is a wonderful blessing that they have no clue about being without or the money.  They just enjoy the fun together!


  1. Your girls are getting so big...How old is are they now? Looks like a lot of fun..yummy watermelons.

  2. Kaley is almost 10, Marianna is 6 1/2, Raegan is almost 3, & Clay is 18 months. I am due in about 9 weeks with Graham Jack. Pray for us! There's never dull moment here! :)

    1. bless y'alls heart, I love large families. As you know I grew up in one and would not of trade that for anything. A lot of work on mom and dad but it is so worth it.