Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Taught By Our Children's Prayers

     Ever noticed how children pray?  How they have such thankful hearts, they don't ask for much, & never are compelled to "explain" things to God?  Who is teaching who here?  I'm thinking that we can learn alot from our children's prayers!
     I have noticed lately how innocent my children's prayers are.  They amaze me.  They never worry.  They just know God is God & answers as He wills.  They never explain how important it is.  They never beg.  They just simply ask.  I am purposing in my heart to quit "explaining" to God why I need Him to do whatever the need is.  He knows more about the situation than I do.  He's big enough to handle it all without me carrying the load.  He knows what's best, & we should take comfort because He is in control!


  1. Amen. God has blessed us with these children. They have the heart of God. Indeed they have taught me much!

    Love you

  2. So true..i love hearing my girls pray. Amazing..no wonder He said we must become as little children to enter in.

    Great post
    love ya