Thursday, October 24, 2013


I KNOW there is power in prayer!
I KNOW Jesus saves for
I KNOW salvation has changed my life!
I KNOW He heals
because I have experienced it!
I KNOW God has blessed us
with 5 beautiful, healthy children!
I KNOW God can make a way through financial battles
when money is low & bills are high!
I KNOW He can calm a storm
& bless with peace & joy!
I KNOW He can put families back together
because I have experienced that exactly!
I KNOW He forgives our mistakes
because He has mine many times!
I KNOW He sends GRACE through troubles & trials
because I have overcome!
I KNOW He will not back down
& leave His children alone when things come our way!
I KNOW it doesn't matter
what anyone else thinks or says!
I KNOW He loves me!  I KNOW He lives!!!

1 comment:

  1. praying for you. He is faithful. Miss seeing you. Hugs. Keep counting....