Friday, January 31, 2014

Tidbit about TIME

      Funny how time has been in my life even before I gave it any thought yet now my heart is touched by the urgency of its passing.  I shared what has been on my heart about time, & that very same night I read the next passage from my "private library collection" (AKA the bathroom book nook lol)!  The excerpt read as follows (adding blanks were names were mentioned for us to reflect on our own families):

          "...I needed to start "numbering my days" by slowing down, seizing the day, and focusing on the few things that mattered in life...Primarily, God began to show me He would rather have me spend time with Him than do a bunch of things for Him.  And likewise, He was showing me that as a mom it was more important for me to be with _____ than do a bunch of things that were indirectly for him/her/them.  God was impressing upon my heart that life was about relationship-with Him and with those whom I love.  And I was missing it."

     I hope none of us find ourselves there.  But in case we do, let's wake up by the grace of God & spend time with our kiddos while they still want us around.  So playing kitchen seems juvenile & silly for us?  Unimportant too?  Well, one day they won't want to play anymore, & we may just regret that we didn't while we could.


  1. Well Said, I love this post! Love the tip on Time. Keep them coming!

  2. love this. Needed. Miss you.