Thursday, February 6, 2014


     As I noticed our house going through a time of winter blues (fussiness, not sharing, boredom, not willingly helping, etc) between the children, I decided to spice things up to celebrate Valentine's Day for a month!  The thought just popped into my head mid January, so we began our game of "catching kindness!"  Everyone has participated.  All we did was catch someone doing a kind deed & record it on a paper heart.  At night before our family prayer time, we would gather with the hearts.  Everyone had a turn to share what they caught & reward the person with their heart.  Then we hung them all over the dining room to decorate for the coming heart party.  They thought it was fabulous!  I am really proud of myself for not having a tacky breakdown & was just thankful that it changed their hearts!  Never underestimate the power of positive change with painter's tape, paper, scissors, marker, & cheap party to turn our house into a bunch of sweethearts!  PRICELESS!

Listen to love songs, plan something special with that special someone!  :)