Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's A God Thing

     This song has really blessed my heart today.  My girls were at the shop with their Daddy finishing up their school work.  They don't "need" me as much towards the end of the year since it's mainly review before the last tests.  I put both boys down for a nap & had about 3 hours to myself.  I decided to multi-task & got out my laptop.   Quickly, I found a recording I thought I would benefit from by my favorite author on  I started scrubbing down my kitchen~straightened up, washed curtains & windows, & scrubbed down the walls, table, chairs, & cabinets too.  I guess I was lost in her challenging thoughts & in super scrubber mode!  I was able to reflect on some of my goals.  I rejoice in ones that I have recently accomplished (us buying land, paying down debt, building the shop, moving, & starting a new business venture).  It also motivated me to get my current goals more specific.  For example, instead of a vague goal of  "loose weight," I decide to "loose my last 10 pounds by June 10th."  Instead of "finish up school for this year," I set a more specific goal of "finish all our papers & testing by May 9th."  That is right before Mother's Day.  That will give us a few extra weeks to enjoy our spring weather together before the hot south GA summer sets in.  I also set a few more goals for things to accomplish this June & July.  I stopped & wrote them in on my calendar.  Then, after filling my brain with all this new information, I was ready to listen to lyrics.  I LOVE music with powerful words!  I turned on youtube on my laptop.  I enjoy listening to the free music of your choice.   I cried & prayed singing the lyrics.  I finished up just in time to get ready for Wednesday night church service.  Nothing like a good cry to cleanse the soul...feels like God just reaches down & mends your heart in love!  "It's A God Thing" is so true!  God can do miracles!  He specializes in changing the impossible into possible!  My heart is uplifted & encouraged in all my God can do!  That's just who He is!

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  1. love this post....I love days like that also. Thank you for sharing.
    Have another wonderful day.