Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Glory Barn Grand Opening

Saturday, May 10, 2014
Hanging Baskets $15
 Bedding Plants
6 Pack $2.50 ~ Flat $13.50
Large Ferns $20
Fresh Produce

EE's Daylilies $10 & Up
      In this picture you can see our home in the background.  We live at the back of our 5 acre pecan orchard.  We LOVE it here!
 Concrete $3 - $32
The Garden
     I'll try to take more resent pictures of the garden soon.  This was a month ago & it has grown so much!!!


  1. Wow, what a blessing! You have a beautiful place and I love the look of your new family adventure! May God Bless you! Keep the pictures coming,I enjoy looking at them!

  2. My goodness I had no idea you all where going to build a barn. Wow you are living my dream. I was wanting to do that here. Good for you look forward to all the updates on your store. Blessing!! Love ya

    1. Yes, this is our shop. We have dreamed about it for over 10 years! It houses Nathan's Taxidermy also~South GA Taxidermy. I never got around to posting those pictures after his grand opening in November. Saturday we just opened this other part of the shop. Please remember us in your prayers! So far, so good!

  3. Wow! looks nice! I'm so happy for yall!!:)

  4. This looks great. Congratulations!!!

  5. I just love it. One of my fav places. Love you guys. Oh I was trying to get to Jessica's blog and it said it has been removed. Do you know why?


  6. Congratulations to the people of Glory Barn for their successful opening! What a lovely shop! I like how the flowers greet the customers and how the produce inside all look so good. I'm sure that new family venture will prosper big time. More power to you and the barn!

    Mitchell Carlson @ InsureYourCompany.com