Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A New Special Connection

     I had an idea I thought I'd share!!!  As many of you know, I LOVE to write!  I like doodling, typing, journaling, to do lists, calendars, counting my blessing, writing in margins of books, & just about anything that allows me to jot down & organize my thoughts.  I gain insight that probably would never occur to me otherwise.  It is an outlet & a huge blessing!  So back to my idea...
     I love writing + I love my kiddos, so why not mesh those two together?  I desire to have a special relationship with my children that continues into their teenage years & extends into adulthood.  I ran across a suggestion that sometimes it is difficult for a child to talk to you face to face about certain things & may feel more comfortable writing you a letter.  Thus, the birth of a new idea~to journal back & forth with my kiddos as they get older!
     My next trip to town included the purchase of a cute set of pens & a snazzy journal with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt about your dreams.  I sat down in a quiet moment & wrote to my oldest Kaley (almost 12).  I wrote what a sweet, beautiful girl she was growing into.  I tried to share my heart & how I want her to be able to ask me anything that she desires my opinion on & share what's on her heart also.  As a conversation starter, I pointed out the quote on the front cover.  I asked her about her dreams & what makes her happy.  I love to see when her smile shows so big & genuine that she has dimples!  I explained that when she had written back to sneak it onto my bedside table, & I would soon return it in a surprising place!  She was so excited!  Our house is full of lots of loud family time, so I plan for this to be a new way to connect with just her.  I want to encourage the quietness of thoughts & journaling in her life.  I want to share this blessing with her.  I know right now she may not have huge questions.  She may not have profound, earthshattering thoughts either.  I do want when those times come for her to know she can always come to me & us develop that kind of bond. 
     I am excited to see what the future will hold for my little ones!  Right now they have so few responsibilities & worries.  Their innocence & immaturity shows so strong.  I love it!  I relish these moments with each one!  They are fascinated with so much that we often take for granted.  I want to experience their view of the world.  I want them to discover their own ideas & beliefs.  I want to ask open ended questions & hear their hearts.  Already we have written back & forth a few times.  I surprised her with my response when she went to make her bed this morning.  I just can't wait to read what she has to say next!  Their lives are full of much opportunity, & I want to be a positive influence & an active role model for each one!    


  1. I love this idea....I do keep many journals, I started a journal with the girls.
    From when we got them from china and I keep writing in them even today.
    . I have a prayer journal that I hope one day one of our daughters will want it and it will build their faith and maybe feel mom's right their with them. I keep a memory journal of our family life from my childhood ~ working on getting it up today life events. Ya know I will have to start this journal idea...and it also may work between dale and I.
    Thanks for the idea!!

  2. This is a lovely idea! What a great way to bond!

  3. what a great idea..... thanks for sharing!!!