Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Not Always As Planned

                           Image result for i believe everything happens for a reason, good things fall apart so better things can fall together

     Sorry for the silence lately.  To say things have not been going as planned as of lately would definitely be an understatement of understatements.  Easter surely didn't.  We went to bed with all the cute Easter clothes laid out along with the baskets of Easter prizes too.  I was struck with a pain that just wouldn't pass though.  I am no sick person.  I hardly ever take meds & surely don't visit ERs either.  Yet, this wouldn't go away.  I had fought it 3 different nights that week thinking I just came down with a bad stomach ache.  2 ER visits, doses of IV morphine, GI Dr, 4 tests, & a visit to a surgeon would reveal that my gallbladder was only functioning at 11%.  Before these episodes, I had not experienced pain like that before.  Even birthing 5 babies didn't compare.  Once they pinpointed the problem, the pain had subsided as I had been days without eating, 8 days to be exact before surgery.  The surgery itself seemed a piece of cake to me.  They rolled me in & knocked my lights out.  I woke up relieved that it was all over with.  Since I have been eating like a pig again.  ;)
     During the ordeal, special family & friends all poured in to help.  I couldn't begin to name all the names nor deeds that were done for us.  I just know that was the longest time anyone else had ever taken care of my kiddos.  They survived it all & seemed to have a great time too.  I went at least 2 weeks if not more without really cooking, cleaning, washing laundry, or anything I normally do.  I didn't run errands or grocery shop.  I didn't even change diapers or rock babies.  For the 1st time in over 12 1/2 years, I rested for days on end while someone else took care of all of that.  Yes, I did see all of my babies most everyday.  I mostly sat & visited with friends that brought food.  Finally, we had to call the help off.  We had more food than we could possibly eat!  I recuperated at my parent's cabin with no internet for those weeks.  I watched as the kids swam in the river, fished, dug in the dirt, stacked blocks, read books, played with toys, etc.  As soon as the staples were removed & I felt like it, we spent a day at the beach.  That's one blessing of living in south GA, the beach is never too far away!  This time of year, the sand, sun, water, & crab legs seem to call out our names!
     One of the things that stood out to me the most during my one & only health issue is how blessed & loved we are.  Living in a small town where everybody knows everybody & worshiping at a country church seems to usually drag around a bad rap.  Not for us!  Those that love you always show up & show out!  There wasn't anything undone nor a moment when our phones weren't ringing or dinging with messages of love & support.  Also, Nathan had 2 homecomings to preach with weeks of revival following.  Yes, in the south we still do have homecoming Sundays where church families gather in with dinner on the grounds.  Both revivals were absolutely amazing!  I can't say enough about that!  God has not failed us nor let us down as of yet!  He always takes our situations & works them for our good!  God's love is amazing & indescribable!  I have seen Him move just for our family in a mighty way this year like never before!  PTL :)
     Now, I am feeling a lot like "myself."  My incisions have all healed up.  I am back to our normal routine.  I can pick up & carry my kiddos around again.  We have even been playing games of family kickball together in the afternoons right out in our yard, enjoying the spring weather together.  I hope you too are blessed with beautiful spring weather!  Our formal school lessons here are all finished up.  We are looking forward to a week with my family at St George Island really soon, our local youth camp where Nathan is honored to be the night speaker again, & an upcoming trip to the mountains later this summer!  I think we should go make countdown calendars...the best is yet to come!                  


  1. So glad it is over for you...What amazing place your parents cabin is...sounds like my kind of life ~ no internet and simple play.
    We live in a small south town and attend a small church. They are the same way...reaching out and helping when you are in need.
    Blessings niece love you all.

  2. God is Good...ALL THE TIME !! BF