Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Most Wonderful Week of the Year

     Another count down calendar has ended, another youth camp is in the books!  We ALL had a blast!  We absolutely LOVE it & look forward to next year already!  Pictured above is our children with a few of their best friends.  This year I didn't go crazy taking pictures.  My oldest are usually surrounded by friends having fun.  Our children have scheduled activities all day long including VBS classes, choir, talent, games, comedy shows, skits, arts & crafts, etc.  Nathan & I help with the snowcone & concession stand.  It's crazy hot outside & the kids line up for those during afternoon playtime.  The morning & night church services are the highlight.  Morning services are only for the youth while the other age groups are in VBS classes.  The services are smaller & casual.  Nathan & I love sitting in on them!   The messages are always stirring, & we love to take part in the youth pouring their tender hearts out in worship & alter services.  At night, the church services are more formal.  The children & youth choir sing.  The message is usually illustrated & geared toward the youth.  Afterglow are skits the youth teams preform before midnight.  They are either hilariously funny or heart wrenching serious.  Our Kaley has been old enough to participate in them & with the youth choir for 2 years now.  Last year she really seemed shy.  This year she had much more fun with it!  I love her participation & tender heart.  We always leave encouraged in the Lord!  It's a full week centered around Him, spent with special friends!  That equals the best vacation ever just minutes away from our home!


  1. Agreed! We probably look forward to the week of Youth Camp more than any other week of the year!!!🙌 Watching our own children mature in the Lord is so wonderful, but each year we witness other sweet familiar faces and are equally blessed to see how they are growing in Christ!I am so thankful to have a place of refuge here on this earth where we can come together and worship and reignite the Revival spirit!!! Also, much thanks for your sweet support of my new blog! Please pray that it will bless others!

  2. Sounds great!! Sorry we didn't get to stop by. :)