Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Brand NEW Season

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     September brought with it a new season.  As Labor Day ends, our homeschooling begins.  Our oldest & youngest celebrate milestone birthdays & remind us that our time here is quickly fleeting. Between their special days, fall is officially in full swing.  The leaves begin to change & temperatures drop into the bearable range here in south GA.  Bow hunting season opens up in our area.  My crew has been preparing for hunting season for weeks now~scouting, feeding game, hanging stands, checking cameras, etc.  Customers begin to trickle in before the flood of gun season mid October.  I get itchy to get outside again, clean up flower beds, plant fall flowers, pull out the pumpkins, & even clean out rooms & closets.  I love organization.  I've been watching documentaries & youtube videos on minimalism.  Although I'm far from being a minimalist, I love the idea of keeping things that only bring joy & are useful.  For me, beautiful decor fits into that joyful category. ;)  I will definitely be focusing on getting rid of excess clothing & other things that I do not absolutely LOVE or that fails to serve a regular, functional purpose.
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Less stuff = Less time cleaning & MORE TIME
Less clutter = Less stress & MORE JOY
Less buying = Less junk & MORE MONEY

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     Any thoughts, tips, suggestions???  They are always WELCOME!

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     & just like that, our Kaley Mariah turned 15!  It fell during hurricane Irma.  We partied & shopped the best we could on her actual day.  More presents & permits the next!  I could say a million things about her.  She loves Jesus.  She's beautiful, intelligent, & kind.  We've been blessed with 15 years of amazing memories & are looking forward to many more!
& meanwhile in south GA, this is how we rang in the 1st day of fall right at 90 degrees!
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     Our baby is surely growing up on us!  Graham Jack turned 5!  He's our quiet little boy until you get him off by himself.  He definitely believes in exercising his 5th amendment right.  He gets into stuff just like the rest of the crew but when interrogated he says, "Let's not talk about that, ok?"  Here lately he has turned accident prone.  Fall has lived up to its season name for this little kiddo.  He's recently had lots of stitches in 2 different directions (sister's golf club to the eye brow by accident), a terrible looking black eye (collision with brother at the end of a water slide at a friend's birthday party), & even a 2nd degree burn (decided he would "help" & retrieves & spills HOT grits).  He's all healed up now, & we are praying for NO MORE injuries!  We enjoyed celebrating with special family & friends for daysss.  We partied on Jekyll Island at Driftwood Beach & ate at Tortuga Jacks, played at Rigby's in Warner Robins riding go carts & playing laser tag, shopped Toys R Us, met "Uncle" Andrew in Macon for Bass Pro & Wild Wings, & completed the celebration with presents & cake.  May his 5th year be filled with much learning, laughter, & LOVE!
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Embrace this new season!
Change can be beautiful!

Even the trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go!

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  1. New drivers are so fun, exciting, and scary, enjoy. Happy Birthday Kaley and Graham1