Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Can Follow You!

     Starting this weekend, we will begin "pastoring" for a 2 month trial period about an hours drive from our house.  This has been a very prayerful step on every one's part.  It was first mentioned to us almost a year ago.  We never figured much would result.  We were happy where we were going to church and enjoyed being an active part of that work.  The young people there have been the heart of our lives.  Even tears come to my eyes as I think about that group that has us by the heart strings.  Then in August, our church had a terrific revival!  O my how the Lord blessed souls and changed lives!  It was spectacular!  God worked miracles in many situations.  From then on, we just felt like there was something more for us to do.  We've been praying and asking God for direction.  We never asked to pastor!  We just asked for His divine will.  Beginning in September, we started filling in and helping this other church out who were actively seeking God for a pastor.  We had no intentions on doing any more than just that - helping out and filling in few weekends here and there.  From the very first service, we have fallen in love with the saints there.  It just "felt right."  It felt like home, and we would look forward to returning each time.  Now we are here, starting to pastor and see how it goes.  Of course, there are those with their opinions...you know the one's we all encounter, the well-meaning prophets of Satan that are so close to their god they are always spreading their negative predictions behind your back in secret, yet it ends up being repeated to you openly.  It does hurt as those using their words to attack us always does, but in the end it only gives us strength to forge ahead knowing God is on our side and the devil just can't stand but to try to get in the way!  We are encouraged and looking above for our help!  We are excited as we know God is with us in this endeavor.  No, we don't know how things will go.  No, we have never done this before.  We don't know what situations we will face.  We don't know if it is God's will is for us to be there in May, June, July or even years after.  We are only certain now that it is God's will for us to give it our all for these 2 months and do this great work He has prepared.  Please pray for us and the church that whatever lies ahead, we will all know what His will is!  As one of the best song writers, Sarah Gentry penned the words, "I can follow you!  I don't have to know the way!  I can say a prayer...I can get on bended knees, I can hold to your hand, I can live by faith when I don't understand!"  Whereever God leads us is where we desire to be!

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  1. Praying for you! Wow how exciting!

    Love you,