Sunday, February 12, 2012

Road Trip! Destination: Mississippi

     We LOVE to travel together as a family!  Traveling is so much fun!  We love the mountains, the beach and anywhere in between.  Often we take the kids somewhere for their birthday instead of spending alot of money on parties and gifts that they don't need.        
     Recently this month we have traveled to Mississippi.  We were able to enjoy church services and time with friends.  We also enjoyed eating at Lambert's for the first time.  If you have never heard of it, google it and go!  It's "home of the throwed rolls."  It is country cooking at its finest! 


     Another delight of the trip was taking the kids to see the A Beka Academy in Pensacola, FL.  We enjoy learning through their DVD programs each year.  We were able to tour the actual facility and also bought some items from the bookstore to add to our homeschooling curriculum.  They were impressed with the realization that their classrooms, teachers, and students in the DVD are real.  I was impressed to find out that our family along with 40,000 plus other families use their curriculum to school from home each year.

     As far as trips go, up next we will be snow skiing in West Virginia and then planning to visit the Atlanta Aquarium for Marianna's 6th birthday.  We can't wait!  We are so excited!!!  Soon enough watermelon season will begin and home we shall settle in!  


  1. Love it! Love the pics. Wasn't A Beka Academy wonderful.... such a peaceful place and I love the book store!

    Love you guys!


  2. Sounds fun! Thank you, Mrs Laurie for the sweet comment on my blog.