Monday, April 30, 2012

What Else Would I Do?

"The woman who makes
a sweet, beautiful home,
filling it with love
and prayer and purity,
is doing something better
 than anything else
 her hands could find to do
beneath the skies."
Copied from the Blog ~ Simply Farmhouse.

     When I read this, I thought what else would my goals be?  What else would I strive to do?  I love to stay home!  I want it to be a place of refuge...a place of love & prayer.  I want to hold my children close & teach them the things of God.  My desire is to pour scripture into their hearts daily.  I want to set a Godly example as their mother.  I want to be the wife my husband longs to come home to & care for.  No, with 4 kids our home isn't always quiet or perfectly clean, but it can be peaceful!  Helping my children learn & hearing them play brings such a joy & blessing!  I couldn't imagine sending them off & me going to work just so we could have more.  We have WAY too much now to keep clean!  lol  Enjoy life!  Hold your kids tight!  Greet your husband with a sweet smile & a kiss!  :)  What else could be better for my hands to find to do beneath the skies?       


  1. Amen...great post! You have spoke my heart. I agree there is nothing I want that I would send I children off to school.
    Work 9-5 just for more STUFF. I have learn to live simple and content. So I can be at home..with my little ones...

  2. Thanks to you for posting that quote! It really spoke to me! I hope you didn't mind me "stealing" it! I would have added a link to your blog, but wasn't sure how to do that...I am following your blog on the side of my blog, so I figured people could find it that way. Enjoying blogging with you! Appreciate all of your sweet comments! Love, Laurie

  3. I don't mind...I love that quote too..Love ya Auntie