Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Peek Inside Our Home

     Since baby #5 has been on it's way, we have know for a while that we had to swap bedrooms for the kids around.  With that brings about some redecorating & work to do.  The girls needed the largest bedroom to fit 2 full sized beds in there.  After a long hunt, I finally found 1 that resembled their other antique bed at a store in our area.  Then, we bought a little bit of fabric, paint, decorations, & went to work.  My mama sewed the quilts on the end of the beds, pillow shams, & dust ruffle.  The results:
     For the boy's room, we used all of our existing furniture & the fabrics & picture from my sister's twin's rooms.  The room was already striped yellow.  All we basically did was order their vinyl names from & rearrange.  My mother in law made the beautiful baby car seat cover and her mother stitched the quilt at the foot of the bed when Clay was born.  :)  
The meek little hallway with the $30 flea market find is used for the kid's linen storage.  I used cheap picture frames, candles, mirror & pictures:
     The kid's bathroom is still WAY girly.  I had just redone it before we Clay.  It will have to be the next room to make a change as the boys grow.  Any ideas for a quick fix?
     Our Den:
The Playroom is right off the Den.  This use to be the back screened porch.  If I ever build a house, this would NOT be located in a visible area from the main part of the house.  This is always the messiest & loudest room in the house!  I guess as time passes it will evolve from mostly girl toys to the boys...
Our Master Bedroom with the Master Bath off the side:
Dining Room & Kitchen:

     Our house has been a work in progress ever since we married almost 11 years ago.  We live in a trailer on the family farm that is almost as old as us.  The rooms are small & make for careful planning & organizing for our growing family.  All of our furniture is either hand-me-downs or bought at antique flea markets.  Mama usually sews all of my curtains & bedding & helps with the decorating, too.  We buy most decorations at TJMaxx, similar discount stores, or flea markets.  Alot of the material we buy comes from clearance tables or sheets.  I love to use inexpensive picture frames to decorate with since it's both personal & cheap to develop them at Walmart.  The only room not pictured is the school room since it was included in a previous post & the tiny laundry room since it is not decorated at all.  I hope you've enjoyed the tour of our humble abode.  Come visit sometime!  :)    


  1. I love it! YOU do great work! I wish you would show me how to do mine. We live in a trailer too and I am so afraid of painting! It looks wonderful. I love it....

    much love,

    oh and thank you for my card. ;) so sweet. much needed.

  2. Laurie..that is so breathe taking beautiful. I love each and every room. I love all the bright colors. And you home is so neat and organize. Can't wait to see it some day in person. Love ya Auntie

  3. Love your home! I want to redecorate ours soon!

  4. Thanks for all the sweet comments! It had been alot of work over the past 11 years! :)