Monday, September 24, 2012

Kaley Mariah Turns 10!

     Our oldest child Kaley Mariah just celebrated her 10th birthday.  The Lord blessed us with her almost 11 months after we were married.  Some say that is just too soon, but we wouldn't change that for a minute!  She has been wanting to have a slumber party for years...patiently waiting until we thought she was old enough.  She invited 5 of her closest friends.  All 5 came!  They are all very sweet girls.  I was so impressed at their immature innocence in playing card games, board games, Wii games, & even playing restaurant, etc...being so polite & kind.  They were a blessing to keep, even if we stayed up over half of the night!  :)
     She also received great presents from both sides of the family.  My parents bought her a Kindle Fire.  The kids have really enjoyed it.  Nathan's parents gave her money & his mama took her shopping with it.  She had such a fun day with her Mamaw.  Our families are such a blessing!  Also, special thanks to EE once again for a beautiful cake!  :) 

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  1. 10...that doesn't seem possible, I remember when you all came to our house when she was in diapers.
    Where has the time gone. Happy Birthday Kaley