Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's Springing Up

      It's that time of year again here~planting season!  Our family enjoys this special time together.  This year Clay was really into riding the tractor with Daddy.  The girls loved picking out the plants as usual.  I thought this time we would "liven" things up by making signs to mark our plants & planting marigolds for both beauty & keeping pests down.  Besides, other years we had a hard time remembering what was coming up where!  We have planted potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cabbages, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, squash, okra, beans, peas, & sweet corn.  Also, the girls bought wildflower & sunflower seeds.  We are looking forward to the harvest time ahead.  Eating the fresh veggies & also putting them up to enjoy all year long is a great blessing for us!

The girls really did most of the planting this year with just some supervision!  Even little  Miss Raegan enjoyed her share of it!
We planted during the boy's naps.  It was a cool afternoon.  Now, it has warmed up here in South GA!  Clay really enjoys helping Daddy in the garden, too!  & look how much it grew in just 20 days!  Harvest will be SOON!
What's more fun, watering the potatoes or the truck???
Or mama behind the camera...
Thanks as always to Meme & Papa!  We couldn't grow this garden without you!  & yes, we will share the picking as well as the eating!!!  ;)  & also a special thanks to Papaw for helping Nathan lay off the rows with plastic.  It will sure save us from having to hoe & pull weeds so much!


  1. Hello there!! So fun hearing from you. That is too funny you tried writing me. I wish I got the letter!! :) So glad you found me and I am excited to peek into your life, too. You have a beautiful family and your garden looks amazing!!! Thanks for commenting, I love hearing from others whom are like minded! Bless you.


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  3. Sorry didn't mean to type anything (actually nothing) or delete that above! I'm still learning this blog too! lol

  4. very nice. very nice. Missed you the other night... at Honor's Night...

    love you.

  5. wow look at the size of that garden...Girl, you have your hands full.
    Wildflowers are my favorite flowers. Teach the girls how to hang and dry them
    so they can have dry wildflowers in vases for the winter.

    love ya Aunt Teresa