Sunday, May 12, 2013

Celebrating Motherhood

     Mothers are such a special blessing!  They set the tone for the entire family.  They work a lot of non-stop shifts.  Middle of the nights after a long, hard day are no match for a mother.  Cleaning up in circles & lots of laundry just comes along with the territory.  Some rock, some co-sleep, some breast feed, some bottle feed, some cook organic, some opt for take out & drive thrus, some homeschool, some make the best classroom mothers, some bring home mega bucks, some are over worked at home & way underpaid, some perfect their yards & houses, some sit & read for hours with their children, some are in super great shape, some are unselfish to a fault, some are stern, some are pushovers, some carpool & attend every event possible, while some prefer the comforts of their own home.  Motherhood doesn't come with a manual.  There's no right way or wrong way.  There's only mine & your way.  We are all different, but our kids unite us.  Next time you see a friend whose mothering totally drives you nuts, encourage her!  Motherhood can challenge us beyond belief & stress us to the max.  At the end of the day, we all have the same agenda~to raise the happiest, healthiest kids possible.  We are in charge of the future of this entire world!  Encourage one another!  We all could use more of that in our life.  Your words may make a difference in another's life & family.  United we stand!  Divided we fall!  If you would have told me years ago that Nathan & I would have 5 kids, I would have laughed & called your bluff!  You know what?  Yes, sometimes it gets hard, but we love every minute of it & wouldn't change it for the world!  Chances are, every mother feels that same love for her unique & special family.

     This Mother's Day, I would like to take the time to introduce you to my mother.  Her name must remain anonymous as to deter all kidnappers!  She is best known as Meme.  She is truly one of a kind!  As Daddy puts it, "She's not happy unless she is with one of her babies!"  She birthed 2 daughters, 5 years apart.  She is a very strong, hardworking person.  She taught 1st grade for 30 years & hardly ever missed a day.  She survived raising 2 hormonal teenage girls that were strong willed & knew better than her!  lol  My sister & I both got married in the same year, just 3 months apart to the guys we dated forever.  She has welcomed 7 grandkids with open arms.  Her jumping right in & helping is the biggest understatement ever.  She loves them more than words can express.  She is practically their other mother.  In fact, they probably prefer her over us due to her constant spoiling!  She is the most unselfish, giving person.  It's really so much so that it is to a fault!  She comes over, helps out, buys 99% of their clothes/toys, feeds her whole crew at least 3 times or more per week, shows up unannounced bringing loads of groceries to cook & help out for the day, attends most every single Dr visit & knows the grandkid's Dr by 1st name basis, takes all of us on fab vacations, hosts the best birthday & holiday celebrations, & so much more!  No, she isn't rich.  She's just completely involved.  If she had just $10 left to her name, she would spend it on us with no thought of herself.  She isn't just our mother, she is our everything.  Even our husbands think so for they will even call her or visit without us!  I wish we could afford to show her our appreciation by buying her some once in a lifetime present, but she knows we barely afford the normal gifts for each occasion.  She doesn't care though.  She just loves us, her family.  That's all she wants!  You know, surely everyone reading this is a free moral agent.  Time is a gift.  We spend it & our hard earned money on what matters most in our lives.  I'm honored that I'm a huge part of that in the life of my mother.  If I turn out half as great as her, I'll surely do!  My kids would love that any day!

Happy Mother's Day!  Have a blessed day!!!


  1. Love it. Thanks for sharing.... :)

  2. Happy late Mothers Day...Everyday is mommy day. I have never met your mom.
    Sounds like a very giving lady. love ya Aunt Teresa

  3. Thanks for commenting! I hope you both had a wonderful Mother's Day too! :) Love ya!

  4. Very good. So many different personalities we mothers hold. Each is unique and each will do different than the other. I liked how you pointed out that we should not be annoyed at another mother's "way." I have found myself comparing myself to other mothers before. Thinking, oh they are doing better than me, or whatever........ then getting annoyed at her "perfection" if you will, when really we all struggle and have our strengths and weaknesses......hopefully I am making sense. Good job! :)

  5. Also, our words are SO important. I know I need encouragement. This job is HARD! I have unfortunately been way more discouraged, than encouraged, about being a mom of lots of little ones. I try to make a point to speak love and encouragement to any mother. It is tough!

  6. Hi there! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever reads, but I love writing so it doesn't matter anyway! I enjoyed your post on Moms, and needed the reminder not to criticize other Moms who are different. Sometimes I am a little too harsh :(. Your Mom sounds awesome and a lot like mine! I'm a follower now so I will be visiting often!

    1. Great to hear from you! I feel the same way~wondering if anyone reads, love to write, & critical of other "bad" mamas! lol I've enjoyed your blog & following it, too!

  7. This is awesome! Enjoyed reading it. Happy late Mother's day to you. Miss you all at the meetings.

  8. Hey I think I know you. We use to go to Westside before we moved to North Ga. I just wanted to invite you to check out my blog. Its nice to actually find some holiness people on here! :)

  9. What beautiful words you shared about your Mother. I hope one day when my children are off and married I will be that kind of Mother and Grandmother to them. Missy