Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Raegan's 5th Wedding Birthday Party

Little Miss Raegan celebrated her
5th birthday wedding style! 
She LOVES everything wedding! 
Sisters make the best bridesmaids!
Clay must be the ninja security!  ;)
Graham napped sweetly through
almost the whole party!
Thanks for cousins participating in
 "the walk down the isle" & dancing!
Brad & Heather, how can we ever repay
you for putting up with our craziness?
Thanks EE for the beautiful cake!
Papa, you grill the best chicken! 
Thanks Meme for the awesome party
& wonderful decorations!
She is still playing hard
with all of her presents! :)


  1. How fun. Raegan looks beautiful and so does the cake. Happy Birthday!

  2. What a fun day....I don't think I have ever met the 3 younger ones? Sad and I am their Aunt. Hope to see you next weekend.

    1. Y'all are coming then??? We have to be in Mississippi to preach a fellowship meeting!!! SO sad to miss y'all! That seems to be the story of our lives!