Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kaley's 12th Birthday Trip

For Kaley's 12th Birthday she requested
that Meme (my Mother) & I take her
to Atlanta for a girl's only shopping trip!
 Kaley's 1st photo ID! 
Now she can shop in the Americas Mart
with her birthday $ from special family members.
Some of her Afternoon Finds at the Mart!
3 Generations of Shopaholics Refueling
on Bison at Ted's Montana Gril
 Night Out on the Town as Cinderellas!
 The Cheesecake Factory ~ Lenox Mall
We had a BLAST!  Thanks Meme for spoiling us!
Thanks Nathan for happily keeping the kiddos!
Happy 12th Birthday Miss Kaley!


  1. Happy Birthday. Looks like a very good time. What is America's Mart? I definitely know what the Cheesecake Factory is. That looks wonderful!

    1. Sorry, should have posted the below as a reply! :)

  2. Yes, we had a wonderful time! I am so thankful for my mother who makes things like this possible!!! Anyhow, the America's Mart is located in Atlanta. It is several hundred thousand square feet of wholesale stores. It is open for people with businesses to buy for their business to have products for resale. Most of the market stores have rules for you to buy in large quantities/bulk. There are 2 floors called "Cash & Carry" where this does not apply. That is where we mostly shop. Our business is small anyways & can't afford the larger buying. This time we just took her & shopped for ourselves personally.