Saturday, October 11, 2014

The 1st Ever~PHGR 2014

     Our area of south GA independent holiness churches own the Calvary Holiness Campground in Broxton, GA.  It hosts our youth camp, camp meeting, monthly youth services, & other special services & events throughout the year.  A sweet sister was led of the Lord to organize the 1st ever Pentecostal Holiness Girl's Retreat on the grounds October 3rd & 4th.  We were so excited!  My girls & I counted down the days & boy was it worth the wait!!!  The sermonettes, testimonies, songs, classes, skits, games, food, & fellowship were all amazing!  There was even a consignment sale & booths for small shops, but the tea party was such a fun highlight!
  Hilarious Skit ~ "The Single Girl's Hairspray Ensemble"


  1. That clip is hilarious ~ I heard that it was a great...I saw my sweet little grand girl Alyssa in the clip . Wish I could of seen it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is hilarious! I told Ashley the girls at church need to get together and do this for the valentine talent show. lol!

  3. oh I love it. How special.... Love the collage too!!!