Monday, October 6, 2014

September's Busy End

     Seems like just yesterday that sweet little Graham Jack joined our family.  I delivered out of my "element" with a new lady doctor & in a different hospital near our new church.  It wasn't my easiest delivery.  I didn't have that overwhelming joy as this doctor, which I wasn't that use to, pulled my gown even further up & placed my screaming, sticky baby on my belly as he proceeded to pee all over me.  I recall my eyes brimming with tears because of the overwhelming situation.  I felt like my  husband & mother-in-law in the room were more qualified than any of the staff assisting me.  It seemed so chaotic.  I knew the time for the baby came before they were prepared.  I warned them & felt belittled.  My medication had worn off, & I was in pain.  My eyes met Nathan's, & I asked him to get the baby.  I couldn't even see Graham for my gown all bunched up under my chin between us.  I was disappointed that my amazing, best doctor in the world had retired knowing things would've been different with him caring for us.  Yet with this rough new beginning, our new baby boy was extremely healthy & has been one of our best babies!  I was all worried about having #5.  I mean, who has 5 children, especially with 3 of them still so small???  Clay was only 18 months old & very much ALL boy (& still is)!  We were pastoring at the time also, so I sat alone during church with the whole crew.  I was so nervous about that during the unplanned pregnancy.  Let me tell you, God knows what we need when we need it better than we do!  In fact, we didn't plan either of the boys, but none of us could imagine life without them!!!  Graham Jack is such a bundle of joy!  He has been our quietest.  He wonders around behind us like he's so amazed with all of us.  He watches our every move.  He makes the funniest expressions that seem to say "I can't believe I was born into THIS family!"  Just recently he began talking, & his words are so precious!  His life is truly a blessing!
     We knew we would be traveling to Mississippi on the day of Graham's 2nd birthday for a weekend fellowship meeting that Nathan was preaching.  My aunt made cupcakes for us to enjoy together one night before our trip.  We just simply ordered pizza & took his picture with his cupcake at my parent's home.  We woke up in Florida on his birthday headed on our way west.  We were very close to Foley, AL where Lambert's Café Home of the Throwed Rolls was located.  To say the kids enjoyed their lunch treat is a major understatement!  The food is always awesome!  The service is 2nd to none!  Graham got into the spirit of things & threw his fries at one of the guys that was throwing us rolls!  Lol  The rest of the day was spent driving to our destination & having church service that night.  The weekend was filled with fun times of food & fellowship with friends that we don't get to see often & ended with a trip to the Jackson Zoo in Jackson, MS.      
     On the way back home we were privileged to stay with the one & only "Grandma" Doris in Alabama for a few days.  She had a spread on the table to greet us~porkchops, corn, blackeye peas, okra & tomatoes, hot rolls, & homemade apple & pear pies.  Every meal was just as huge & delicious!  We rented a bounce house for the kiddos when they weren't working on their school papers.  It's so nice to have friends to school with sometimes!  It makes for less work & more fun for everyone!  Kaley & her friend Ireland were actually working on the same Abeka book report!  That was super neat!  We were honored to be invited to preach their Tuesday night church service.  We had never even been there before.  The service was amazing!  Our God is truly great!  There we met a wonderful group of believers!

     Our final destination was Pratville, AL to preach at a dear friend's church on Wednesday night.  Although that was a quick nightly stop, the service was a blessing!  We enjoyed close friends, food, & fellowship there also!  Nathan even slipped in a game of golf with one of his best friends before heading home to south GA!  ;)