Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's in West Virginia

     My parents have gifted us & my only sister's family for the past several years with a Valentine Trip to Snowshoe, WV.  Here in south GA, it doesn't snow.  There are surely no ski resorts.  Therefore, we load up & drive!!!  Daddy loves to ski & has shared that love with his oldest 4 grands.  Raegan & Clay have skied some.  They get cold very quickly though.  Our little Graham LOVES the snow & would play in it all day long!
     Every year we stop half way in North Carolina.  My parents are always concerned with the kiddos having fun on the journey as well as the destination.  This year, among other adventures, we visited the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC.  Feeding the wild animals out of the back of Papa's truck was nothing shy of awesome!  In seconds flat, an array of wild animals swarmed us from every direction!  Raegan got scared of the close encounters & screamed while literally jumping through his open back glass.  She loves animals but definitely prefers barriers.  It was lots of fun!  The ride through the ranch was long but not a bit boring.  We saw more than I can name in this blog post!
     Snowshoe Mountain, WV is a long drive but definitely worth it!  Driving up this year, there was very little snow.  We made very good time.  The kiddos slept from our last lunch stop to arrival.  They were giddy with glee to throw snow balls in the beautiful weather.  Soon the snow rolled in.  We skied, swam, & snow tubed together for days.  A highlight is always Meme's gourmet meals in between.  We play like kids ourselves & eat like kings!  It's a true vacation!  No cell service, no work nor school, no cleaning up either!  It's just fun & relaxation at it's finest!  We all have a BLAST!
     A big thanks goes to the best Meme & Papa ever!  They could travel the world, build a house, drive fancy vehicles, but instead choose to spend on their family being together.  To little kiddos, $ means nothing.  Time is everything!!!  I don't know if I'll ever be able to afford blessing my 5 future families with lavish trips, but you can bet we'll be close & loving.  Time is a gift I am willing to give to my family.  I dream of spend the nights, get togethers, holidays, & the every day with my chaotic crazy crew running in & out making messes & memories together!  :)        

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