Thursday, April 25, 2013

Easter FAMILY Blessings

     One thing I have learned in this life is that the definition of family isn't just mere biology & not necessarily found in like DNA.  Our FAMILY is much greater than that.  It's the people who you are close to, know you inside & out, know that you all may carry around differences of opinion yet still choose to love you.  It's the ones that know our kid's likes & dislikes~knowing who loves to read & who could care less, knowing who is tender hearted & who is more care free, seeing them pick up new talents thanks to their encouragement, watching one of them completely get out of their shyness & now enduring the constant singing, knowing who would rather just christen the floor with a wet mess as to stop & go to the potty, realizing how IPs & night-nights save my sanity & that "milk" isn't just milk, & rejoicing with us in every milestone as one rolls & scoots all over the church.  It's who lets us call you crazy names like Soup that seems to have stuck.  It's mine knowing who will give them their way & who may not.  It's also playing church at home while imitating, "Say you verse!"  It's those we celebrate with.  It's those we sell way too many cokes & candy bars with so we can take our children on fun times together.  It's those we are with several times a week & puts up with our kids in services & restaurants & ALWAYS offer a helping hand.  It's those who send us cards & check in on us faithfully.  It's those who feed us even though there are 7 of us & know we eat like little pigs.  It's those special people we trust our kids to go home with.  It's those that stand by each other's side through thick & thin.   It's those we can trust & have confidence in to help us through the heat of the battle.  We laugh together, cry together, worship together, pray together.  It's all those together times that makes us the rock that we are.  Aimwell Calvary Holiness Church is a huge part of our life & our family!  I never knew we would grow so close in 1 year!  We love you!
Our Aimwell Kids

& YES there are tons others that fit this bill also!  Close friends, you know  who you are!  I couldn't pick who to type about first so I just went with old fashioned ABC order. Aileen, I couldn't say enough about our years of friendship!  Amy, I can always call & know you'll listen, understand, encourage, & pray!  Crystal, you haven't even been here very long yet our girls are awesome friends!  Our poor baby boys have lots of "minding their sisters" in store ahead of them!  Ellie, I can always tell you ANYTHING & never fear to hear of it being repeated.  That's hard to find these days!  Gina, you are the strongest woman I know!  Your strength amazes & encourages everyone that knows you!  Jennifer, you are an awesome friend for the funnest of times!  During the serious situations, you are the BEST at never being judgemental & always understanding.  You have a HUGE heart.  O how our kids are such great friends!  Julie, you've made it your home here recently too yet no one is any more practical or helpful than you!  Kendra, what else could I say?  I call.  Life happens in between.  You are so trustworthy, honest, & unreal strong!  You have helped me see the best of some crisis situations.  Mary, you always show such great faith!  You are truly a prayer warrior!  Your heart for young people inspire me!  Michelle, you've been the pastor's wife I needed!  You've been that advisor of greater knowledge than I!  Teena,  you are my mom & homeschool encourager!  You always pick me up when I am down.  You have such a huge heart for helping others!  Teresa Leigh, we have been friends since Pre-Algebra!  We go a long way back!  My kids adore your boys, & we cherish all of those fun memories we have make together!  The Gentry's, y'all have come into our lives at the exact moment we needed you.  Thanks for all you do!  We are behind you 100%!
I could cry tears from missing seeing y'all! 
& a HUGE shout out to "Aunt" Marsha!  You are all of the above & more!  I could never sing your praises nor thank you enough!  Yes, you & your family are our survival!  Who else is so real?  Who else understands?  Who else have I cried with when the battles were raging?  Who else would babysit 5 kids at a moments notice?  I never have to worry a bit about any of them either.  You all know them just like I do, & we love y'all to the moon & back!
Now that's a REAL family!


  1. love the post...a church family can touch your lives in a special way.
    We love our very much. What a beautiful group of children.

  2. Thanks for all the sweet comments, calls, & messages! I sure didn't post that for them. Each one of y'all are FAMILY! You are who we depend on & call on! Keep us in your prayers! We appreciate each one! :)