Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthdays

Our Marianna Jewel Turns 7

     As I tell Marianna all the time, she is our favorite middle girl! ;) She was named after both families.  Most people don't know my daddy's first name is Marion, & Nathan has the best Granny in the entire world which also happens to be our neighbor.  Her name is Ruby Jewel.  There could never be a more precious, special person to pass down a beautiful name.  Marianna has her same big heart & sweet spirit.  She loves animals (especially dolphins) & playing dress up.  She decided this year on a Fancy Nancy theme inspired by the books she loves.  We pulled off a huge surprise by her BFF Mallory coming!  Both girls are full of giggles & enjoyed themselves being all "fancy" together!  It was truly a special day!

& Clay Walker Turns 2


     Having our boys was our special surprise gifts from the Lord.  Clay has brought new life with his extra spunk & JOY to our family!  He always flashes his beaming blue eyes & sly little smile.  He keeps us on our toes & is such a blessing!  We couldn't imagine living a moment without him!
     With our first, we started taking every child to the zoo when they turn 2.  Clay LOVES Diego so that worked out well with his jungle theme.  Once we got to Jacksonville, it rained.  Instead we ended up at St John's Center, The Cheesecake Factory (a family favorite), The Museum of Science & History, & a few other activities.  The kids had a blast downtown Jacksonville.  Being together & focusing on them is what counts anyways.  We'll have to catch the zoo another time soon!
  A special thanks to EE for the beautiful cakes, Meme for the parties & everyone who celebrates with us!  & of course the kids love the way too many awesome gifts! 

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  1. Happy Bday to both...hard to believe that Clay is 2.