Friday, January 6, 2012

Behind the Type

     As this journey online begins, I figure the polite thing would be to introduce us.  I'll elaborate more than my "About Me" section.  I'm Laurie, a true South GA Mama.  I'm a wife to Nathan and mama to 4 kiddos.  The 3 girls are Kaley-9, Marianna-5, and Raegan-2.  Our "Little Man," Clay will be turn a year in March. 
     Although it can be overwhelming at times, I am blessed to stay at home.  Nathan works very hard for me to be able to do that.  We live on the family watermelon farm.  Yes, during the summer lots of watermelons grow right in the fields behind our home.  He works long hours during those months, but the rest of the year he's flexible...working hours in his Taxidermy shop in our yard.  There is where he has built the business of his dreams.
     We love God and desire Him to be the center of our lives.  I pray the decisions we make in this life are lead by Him.  He's blessed us in ways we couldn't ever explain.  He gave His all that we may live.
     My favorite part of our everyday life is homeschooling.  Education is important to me.  I enjoy watching them learn and grow right before my very eyes.  I love to see them as they seem to magically grasp concept after concept and rationalize their way through every explanation.  It brings me sheer joy!
     We live in rural South GA right on a dirt road on our family farm.  We love the country!  We enjoy hunting, fishing, and gardening right here together.  My girls can go from best dressed by day to full camouflage by afternoon shooting deer, turkey, squirrel, or hogs!  We call this "God's Country."  We were both born and raised here and plan to stay here unless our Maker calls us otherwise.
     I enjoy the crazy days and the rare peace and quiet, too.  There's always school to finish, laundry piled high, diapers to change, a meal to prepare, family to see, or a church service to attend.   I am outgoing and enjoy being with the people I love, but it's in those beloved quiet moments where I seem to escape.  Writing has always been a passion of mine.  When there's a whirlwind all around, I can write the day away...just me and Jesus!
     So enough about us!  We are now headed into uncharted waters.  The new year of 2012 is now in full swing.  Where will it lead us?  This blog has only just begun...we hope that you too will enjoy the reality of it!


  1. I love reading your heart. How cool. I just love your family and I am so blessed by you. I just love your family. You are a great mama... I can't wait to read here this year.

    Ann's words have spoke to me for yrs..

    counting His gifts have changed my life...

    love you...

  2. love the post...I love ya'll way of life in GA...
    all the sand road and country cooking...looking forward to all the post of your life and farm ya Aunt Teresa Y