Friday, January 13, 2012

Meet the Kiddos

This is our oldest, Kaley Mariah.  She turned 9 in September.  Hyper would be the very first word to come to mind in describing her.  She's active and never seems to run out of energy.  She's also a caring and giving child.  She never wants to hurt anyone's feelings.  She is somewhat of a perfectionist which is sometimes good and sometimes not.  Her #1 goal in life is striving to please God.  She is extremely knowledgeable in the scriptures.  It's so unreal to me how many she can recite.  I won't take all the credit for that.  Most are learned through her home school curriculum.  She is my rock and oftentimes my lifesaver, a willing worker.  She's her Daddy's and Papa's sidekick when it comes to hunting and fishing.  Her Meme and I have also introduced her to the world of shopping! 
This our second child, Marianna Jewel.  She'll soon be 6 in March.  Her motto in life seems to be, "If all else fails, twirl!"  She is very laid back and easy going.  Nothing seems to ruffle her feathers.  She is definitely not a worker but will be glad to sit in your lap and soak up the love!  She is our most loving.  She loves babies and animals.  Her wish is that we'd have tons!  To my surprise, she enjoys learning and does very well in her school work.  She too has showed an interest in learning about God.  She's always playing and can entertain herself or any willing participant for hours on end.  She too loves the great outdoors.  Hunting and fishing both seem to be her knack.  On the other hand, she is always concerned about how "cute" she looks.

Raegan Amily is our baby girl.  She's both quiet and sweet.  Carrying around a baby doll is almost a must for her.  She loves to be held and listen to books.  She also has a silly side and makes funny faces.  Her feelings are carried around on her shoulders.  Being brave is just not her thing either.  You can't help but love her!  She's our little trouper-pulling through surgery at just 6 months old to repair an absence of skull on the very top of her skull.  You would never know it because even the scar hides under her hair.  She sticks close by Mama's side.  She is always full of love and laughter!

Mr. Clay Walker is our only little boy.  We will celebrate his 1st birthday in March.  He is a sweet, cuddly baby.  We love him dearly.  He is always full of smiles and love!  He is sure to be doted on and spoiled.  One day he's sure to wonder how anyone survives without a house that's full of sisters like he has!  He is very active and extremely busy...working so hard trying to walk and plunder!  He has this family by the heart strings! 


  1. I love it. Love all of you. Love your family... so thankful you are in our life.