Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Watch out Mr. Valentine!!!

     Last night was super extraordinary!  Mama is always asking to keep the kids.  The 3 girls spent the night.  We got home around 6 and on a whim decided to go out to eat at a very nice restaurant that we'd heard some rave reviews on.  Yes that late we got baths and started getting ready.  I looked the place up online, called to see how late they stayed open, and found out that reservations were still available.  So here we go trekking off a little over an hour away for a nice dinner at Elements in Lyons, GA...with baby Clay in tow.  Nathan called them back on the way to find out directions.  We had the only baby in there, of course, but Clay was really sweet.  We even laughed at the table figuring people would never predict us to have been married for 10 years and having 3 other kids.  The restaurant was fabulous!  It was in an old historic brick building right beside a train track.  The old down town was pretty-all dimly lit up for the night.  The food was over the top!  We shared an appetizer dip trio and both happen to order the same dish.  I think only in the South do fancy restaurants serve "Shrimp & Grits."  The grilled shrimp was served over cheese grits and topped with roasted kernel corn and lobster bisque.  I would have never guessed collard greens were a side, but they were amazing!  They were topped with the most divine
sauce ever!  We had the best time together.  Although we didn't earn an "Eats Healthy" sticker, the hot blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream to share was definitely worth it!  We also learned that a very special couple at our church are now engaged!  So you better watch out Mr. is in the air before your time!

Isn't loving one another "In His Service" also?  :)


  1. It is a wonderful place... only been there once with my sunday school ladies class. Glad you were able to have some time. I always loved it when we took the youngest baby with us!

    So who are the engaged couple????

    grace & love,