Monday, January 30, 2012

Lasting a Lifetime

     So far this New Year has been full of new!  Along with new goals, we have new ideas!  Here we have family time ALL the time.  Church and home school are alot of what we do.  I am so thankful of all our togetherness but recently realized we do not have much one on one time. 
     Nathan and I have started going out alone again after 10 years of marriage.  His idea for that has turned out great.  He's so good to me!  He even bought me a dozen roses yesterday when he ran into the store for diapers!  Even the kids are so excited when we go out!  They love spending time with others playing and having fun.  We are going to try this at least every other week.  It's been alot of fun and nice to eat without cooking or feeding someone else.  We also can't wait to be the kids again like it's been forever!  ;)
     Another thing we are currently implementing is one on one time with each older child.  A friend of mine encourages this as a way of becoming close with each individual child.  Nathan and I have always made an effort to pray and read with them together daily as a family, but one on one time seems harder to come by with our growing family!  The babies get TONS of attention from everyone daily.  Nathan regularly takes the girls hunting and fishing (sometimes as much as 5 or 6 times a week).  I, on the other hand, have my schedule full with everyone all at once!  Now once a week I am going to town alone and rotating turns with Kaley and Marianna.  This way we can talk without being interrupted, go eat, and/or do something special just between the two of us!  I have found even when it was just grocery shopping and errands, they loved it!  They love helping and feeling important as they are.  Little things are so important to them.  I am looking for this to open up a whole new relationship between the girls and I as they hit the teen years.
     I am so thankful for my marriage and our children that the Lord has blessed our lives with.  I want to keep all of those blessings close to my heart and guard them with prayer.  Nathan and I have a close relationship and want the same as a family.  I dream alot about them getting older...who they'll be, what they'll do...and I want all of their decisions to be based on God's plan and include us.  I desire to have a close relationship with each one (and their families that they choose).  I want them to be welcome at our house at all times and am willing to rearrange schedules and budgets to include every holiday, birthday, and family vacations.  They are all so special and we cannot take back time once it's past.  I am so thankful for the time I have now to kindle relationships with those I love that will last a lifetime!  


  1. very good post, love the idea. Life is so busy for us that the individual time for us all has been put on the back burner. But once we get settle in the new farmhouse. Plan to make changes.

  2. I love it. When I read here... it is like I can feel your heart. I love you a lot. You are very special to me and you are such a good wife and mom. You are doing a great job. What an inspiration!

    love you,