Thursday, January 12, 2012

Then & Now

We met at a small town football game.  I was only 15, and he was 17.  We were just like any other teenagers...happy go lucky.  Falling in love just happened.  We didn't know what would lie ahead of us but somehow knew it was right.  We gave our hearts to the Lord while we were dating.  That's the real difference.  Young love is real and can last!  Jesus was the real reason it's all worked out.  He put the pieces together.  It was all just like a dream.  We married the following October after I finished high school.  It's funny now how young yet certain we were.  I can remember the excitement as we left heading towards our honeymoon destination.  We talked about how now we could "do what we want to do" without checking with anyone to see if it was okay.  lol  Lesson learned-Your parents never quit caring, and always treat you like their little kids.  Now, over 10 years has passed with countless lessons learned and 4 kids in tow.  I'd like to think we are still young as I'm headed into my 30's at rapid speed!  This isn't everyone's dream, but that's okay.  It doesn't have to be.  It's ours, and that's all that matters between us.  We are just two hearts, one dream and wouldn't trade it for anything!  Life is not always perfect.  Even Cinderella had obstacles to overcome, but in the end it was happily ever after!  Heaven is awaiting, and we are on this journey together. 

True love - when being together for eternity
just doesn't seem long enough.

In His Service,


  1. oh my ... you made my eyes tear up! You bless me ... I love reading here. You are such an inspiration... and so YOUNG!

    I love you,

  2. oh... and by the way... in the first pic... are those jeans? I love it! Doesn't matter.. you are beautiful no matter what you wear. I love seeing that pic though.

    much love,