Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our "Crowning Rewards"

     One way I want to serve our family in 2012 is by encouraging us to be healthy.  God has blessed us with good health and entrusts us to do our part to take care of our bodies.  I feel somewhat responsible for our eating choices since I do most of the grocery shopping and cooking.  I read alot of different web sites about how we can gradually make changes as a family that may actually stick.  Many suggest starting by making small changes and rewarding good efforts.
     To motivate our family to make better choices, I figured a rewards chart with several positive goals sure wouldn't hurt.  I also purchased some new water jugs that would be an appropriate amount to drink per day according to how old each individual was.  The small ones were only 96 cents at Walmart.  They step up in different sizes (and some in price of course).  On the charts I printed from our computer, I chose categorizes for "Works Hard, Drinks Healthy, Eats Healthy, Is Super Sweet, Exercises, and Bonus Rewards."  Each time you complete a categorized task, you earn a sticker.  We sat down as a family to come up with rewards.  We used several of the kids ideas.  Our charts were entitled "Crowning Rewards" and has a picture of a crown.  Each person decorated their own crown for a personal touch.  Nathan and I are also participating.  That seemed to make it more fun for the kids.  They have enjoyed racing us and it puts us on the spot to be good examples.
     We have all enjoyed the flexibility of our charts.  You do not have to feel guilty about "cheating on a diet."  You do not feel forced to make good decisions but are rewarded if you do.  Some of us choose fruit for breakfast and get a sticker while another may eat a slice of pecan pie!  ;)  Nathan and Kaley have always liked drinking water.  Now the rest of us are making that choice more often.  Even Raegan, who really isn't participating, began carrying around her jug on day 3 and drinking water along with everyone else.  I have been trying new, healthier organic recipes.  Also my children have been better about completing their chores without having to be reminded because if they have to be reminded, they get no sticker.  We are still working on the "Super Sweet" with the kids.  The charts are not miracle workers!  It still takes action.  Nathan has brought home several sweet cards lately, I've also ran him a bubble bath, and so it must be working for us, too!  It's reminding us of the importance of going out of our way to do something sweet for one another.
   Deciding to make positive changes for 2012 has thus far proved to be a blessing for us.  I wonder how long this will turn results???

In His Service,


  1. I love your idea! How cool.

    I teared up.... you know me! When I read how you and Nathan are "being sweet:" You inspire me!

    Thanks for your comments and also coming yesterday. Praying as you seek God's will... so thankful for you.

    Much love,

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  4. Neat idea, Love the part of chores and super sweet idea. I have done charts and rewards with Mia she excited at first..but in a week she lose interest. I am thinking if we all do it like you and Nathan are that would help. For the last 7 yrs we having gone Organic and the best organic is grow it your self, We are making healthy choices daily...thanks for the post love it.
    Aunt Teresa Y